Learn How To Play Ukulele

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I'm looking to buy a ukulele!

Whether you are looking to buy your very first ukulele or whether it's your tenth one (yes they are addicting, I know), it can't hurt to spruce up your ukulele buying knowledge. Are you asking yourself any of these questions: Where to buy? How much to spend? Best cheap aka bang for buck ukulele? What size to pick? What type of wood? Which ukulele brand to choose? Look no further, answers will find you in the following three guides. In the last one you'll also find my favorite ukuleles, for every budget.

Handy stuff to know before buying your ukulele
How to find the best cheap ukulele
Ultimate ukulele buying guide

I don't know: ukulele, baritone or guitar?

If you're just starting to think about playing a new instrument, it can be a bit confusing when it comes to ukulele versus baritone versus guitar. The short answer: they are three completely different instruments. Can you transfer knowledge and experience from one to the other? Yes! Read on for more concrete information.

Difference between ukulele versus guitar
Which is easier: ukulele or guitar
Why should you get a baritone ukulele

Learn to play the ukulele


Depending on your musical background, I would suggest for beginners to start with my top 10 tips and with learning the parts of the ukulele. This will help when you progress in your ukulele pathway.

Top 10 ukulele tips for beginners
All parts of the ukulele explained


Once you're past the tips and parts, it's important to learn how to properly hold your ukulele before getting to know the ukulele chords. If you're having trouble, you can always check out a ukulele strap if you prefer to play standing. Don't forget the very important stretching as well.

How to hold a ukulele, what you should(n't) do
Strap for ukulele without drilling? Of course!
Ukulele Stiff Finger Warm-Ups, 5 Easy Exercises


Now we can get to the real stuff, ukulele chords. These form the basis of playing any song. This is the "hard" part and will require the most practice and exercise. On the one hand to memorize the chord diagrams and on the other hand to play. Don't worry, I have some handy charts ready for you and which ones to learn first (ouf of the 300+ different diagrams).

How to read ukulele chord diagrams?
Ukulele basic chords for beginning players
Simplify difficult ukulele chords
Bonus: Beginners ukulele capo guide, when and how to use


Of course, when playing a certain chord you also want your ukulele to make some noise. That's where strumming comes in. Strumming allows you to produce a certain chord sound by hitting all four strings of the ukulele simultaneously. Make sure that your ukulele is in tune first.

How to strum ukulele, ultimate guide with sound examples
How to properly tune your ukulele

Becoming a better ukulele player


When you know a lot of ukulele chords and your strumming is improving bit by bit, you can take it up a notch. Learn the E chord, try out some ukulele tablature, learn about bar chords or perhaps check out an alternate tuning. On the other hand, you can also check out a capo and how it can help in your playing style.

How to play the E ukulele chord
Learn how to read ukulele tablature
How to play ukulele bar chords like a pro
What different ukulele tunings are possible?
How to practice ukulele with a metronome


You can go even further by improving your theoretical knowledge. Check out my two write-ups about ukulele harmonics and ukulele keys which can help you to write your own songs.

What are ukulele harmonics and how to play
Write your own songs using a ukulele key card

I have issues with my ukulele


Nobody is perfect and unfortunately ukuleles aren't either. Sometimes they have issues, whether it's because it has been played to the fullest, or whether it's a brand new one. The most frequent and annoying issue is ukulele buzz. This can really mess up the sound and can have several causes. I have covered all of them, together with how to fix them. Other than that, it' is important to take care of your ukulele. Check out the ukulele maintenance guide for some quick tip.

How to fix the annoying ukulele buzz or rattle
How to take care of your ukulele


Strings are not a permanent thing on a ukulele. Depending on how frequently you play on your ukulele, you should change them every few months. But what strings to buy and how to replace them? Check the guides below.

What are the best ukulele strings to buy
Learn how to change your ukulele strings
Learn how to properly tune your ukulele after restringing

General ukulele information

Last but not least, the general ukulele information section. These are some ukulele guides that stand on their own. Learn more about the history of the ukulele, what to keep in mind when traveling with a ukulele and more. Feel free to take a look and broaden your ukulele knowledge.

Brief history of the ukulele
Best way to travel with a ukulele
Health benefits of playing the ukulele
Electrify your ukulele and play with a pickup


Feel free to contact me whenever you need more information about any of the topics listed above. I'm always open for a quick chat or to some feedback!

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