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As of now I have only reviewed ukuleles but in the (near) future I do plan to add accessoires as well (tuners, pickups, stands...). Whether you're looking for a specific ukulele, or don't have a clue yet, perhaps you'll find the one for you below. All reviews that are due are unpaid and 100% reflect my personal opinion about them. At the most, I was provided with the ukulele by the manufacturer for review.


Whether you are looking to buy your very first ukulele or whether it's your tenth one (yes they are addicting, I know), it can't hurt to spruce up your ukulele buying knowledge. Are you asking yourself any of these questions: Where to buy? How much to spend? Best cheap aka bang for buck ukulele? What size to pick? What type of wood? Which ukulele brand to choose? Look no further, answers will find you in the following three guides. In the last one you'll also find my favorite ukuleles, for every budget.

How to find the best cheap ukulele »
Ultimate ukulele buying guide »


Coming soon!


Feel free to contact me whenever you need more information about any of the ukuleles listed above or want me to review your product. I'm always open for a quick chat or to some feedback!

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