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Wait!? Why do you need support, isn't UkuTabs some big company? No, it is not. It is just me, Jonas, managing everything from server administration, to coding the website, to posting new songs on an almost daily basis. I created UkuTabs in 2012 as a ukulele resource for myself and it has turned into more than I could ever imagine. While playing the ukulele and sharing knowledge is my passion, it can be difficult to manage everything sometimes. All support is greatly appreciated and feel free to read on why your support matters.


If you're visiting this page, there's a good chance that you find ads on websites as annoying as I do. UkuTabs was born as a way to share my passion with others and its main purpose remains the sharing of ukulele knowledge freely with its users. Although I try to incorporate the ads as good as possible, without being too obtrusive, when navigating the website you will see several ads scattered across the pages. Why?

In short, maintaining a website costs money and the contribution from the ads are meant to help me with these costs. Definitely when UkuTabs was raising in popularity it was quite a financial challenge. At this moment there are tens of thousands of registered users, millions of visitors each month and a database of several gigabytes with all of the resources of UkuTabs.

The main costs are:

  • Domain: the cost of keeping the name of the website
  • Hosting: the cost of keeping UkuTabs online

These are the bare minimum costs for keeping UkuTabs online. Continued maintenance, development, writing guides and adding songs is done out of the passion that I share for the ukulele.

The bare server costs run into the thousands per year, excluding my own spent time and side costs. The ads help take some of the sting out of that cost.


Premium subscriptions are done through Patreon for UkuTabs. This offers an independent and off-site way for me to manage subscriptions and engage with premium users. You need a (free) Patreon account. After subscribing through Patreon, send me a message with your UkuTabs username and Patreon email through the contact form or on Patreon. After verifying your subscription, I will upgrade your account to UkuTabs Premium Member status within 24 hours! This is the preferred way.

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Independent of the monthly amount you choose to pay to support UkuTabs, all ads from will be removed when logged in. Every little bit is incredibly appreciated! You can cancel at any time, no refunds.

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