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Below are descriptions, logo’s and their respective links for/to companies/websites/persons which are genuinely respected by UkuWorld. UkuWorld has a good relationship with all of these entities and stands guarantee for the service they offer. Do you have an ukulele website or have a company related to ukulele building? Feel free to contact me so that we can have a friendly chat and see what we can do for each other. This page is not for paid promotion, only genuine and personal contacts!

Web servers and hosting


You may have read it on the About page before, but all separate websites within the UkuWorld network rely on either cloud VPS hosting from DigitalOcean or dedicated server hosting from Vultr. I used to be a long time customer of ServInt, but when looking for more flexibility I found DigitalOcean and I have been using it for several years now. Recently I’ve discovered Vultr which is very similar to DigitalOcean, but also offers dedicated instances. This was definitely necessary to keep the UkuWorld network growing.

A small shoutout to the people over at NameCheap as well. I own quite a lot of domains. Obviously for every subsite in the UkuWorld network, but also some of their .net, .info, .co and .org counterparts as well as alternative domains (e.g.,, They truly do offer the best prices available and their service and support is spot on.

Ukuleles & Accessoires


The guys over at TheUkuleleSite are an amazing and wonderful bunch. They are extremely experienced regarding ukuleles. The have extensive knowledge about the construction of ukuleles, how to set them up correctly and all of them (to the best of my knowledge) actually play the ukulele! I bought my Kala ukulele there and it was set up perfectly, out of the box. The communication was flawless.


D’Addario might not be a well known ukulele strings company, but they actually do offer ukulele strings and not the least of them. The ukulele strings they offer are really up there quality wise and a hefty competition for Aquila strings. Only a few months after UkuWorld was launched they reached out to me to start a partnership and after a few lovely talks my first deal was done.

mobius strap

Having troubles playing the ukulele when standing up? Want to put a strap on your lovely ukulele but don’t want to drill holes? Look no further, the Mobius Strap is here! Developed by Tim Mullins who was so kind to send me one of these. I’ll make sure to share my experiences with it once I’ve received it.

uquleleDrum City


Jeffrey Thomas

Jeffrey Thomas makes his living as a music instructor offering Skype guitar, bass and ukulele lessons to students around the world. Accepting students of all ages and levels has exposed him to vast genres of music. He has tons of experience making him the ideal ukulele teacher.

Anton Gavzov runs the website offers a wide high-quality collection of guitar songs with either the original chords or chords accurately matched by ear by professional guitarists. It has an easy accessible database to quickly find the song you are looking for.

The Ukulele Peopledover uke heads

Last but not least, nothing more important than ukulele clubs, whether it be local or global, online or offline. The ukulele is an instrument that truly brings people together and I want to do everything that I can to support that.

Partners & Resources

Ukulele BuzzMusical U

Guitar Ramble


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