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Hi! My name is Jonas. I’ve been an ukulele fanatic for quite a few years now. I’ve been studying music since I was 6 years old and started playing the piano at the academy a while after that. After the piano I started learning to play the acoustic guitar on my own, mainly finger style (novice/intermediate) and some occasional pop songs. After a few years of playing the guitar I had a very impulsive moment and picked up my first ukulele at a local music shop which was for some reason still open at 10 pm. It was the cheapest Makala ukulele in plain laminated mahogany. I quickly learned that I needed to get a better ukulele: one that stays in tune, has more volume, better intonation, sustain…

After a lot of research, which was quite scarce back in the day, I found the perfect ukulele at TheUkuleleSite (formerly known as Hawaii Music Supply): a limited edition tenor Kala with a solid cedar top and solid golden acacia back and sides. I absolutely LOVE it, it is an incredible little thing. I still have it till this day. I store it in a vintage tweed ukulele case from the lovely people over at TheUkuleleMovement.

So after all those years my main instrument has become… a ukulele. What was the incentive for this website? Well, at first I was actually building a personal ukulele tabs and chords website, so that I’d have some kind of “online sheet music book” which I can access from everywhere: on my computer, someone else’s computer, my smartphone,… This little project of mine is however growing bigger everyday!

I had some history in freelance website developing and founded a webhosting company once, so I took the challenge to build a website with ukulele tabs and chords in March 2012. Several years later UkuTabs has grown to one of the largest websites to learn and help play songs. Besides songs, UkuTabs includes powerful but easy to use tools which are completely free (and will stay like that forever).


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