Legal Statement

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UkuTabs is founded, created and maintained 100% voluntarily only by myself, one person. Here at UkuTabs I take the time to try contact the artists in the UkuTabs archive so I can ask for the permission to publish their tabs. If the artist cannot be reached directly (by email, facebook,...), I try to contact the recordlabel or manager. When an artist or recordlabel does not want ukulele tabs for their songs posted online they will be removed immediately and their decision will be respected. This way UkuTabs can be a 100% legal source for ukulele tabs and chords. Sometimes it is not possible to contact the artist (due to privacy reasons, etc...). When this occurs, the tabs/chords for the song(s) is (are) posted and will stay online until I am contacted to remove them (see further below how to). In any case, I respect the choice of the owner of the song and will take quick action.


The statement below can and should be applied to ALL song lyrics, chord progressions, tablatures, song titles, artist names, album titles and artwork, artist biographies, artist images and everything else related to the artist and song.

UkuTabs does NOT own any rights about the content posted, i.e. song lyrics, chord progressions, tablature, song titles, artist names, album titles and artwork, artist biographies, artist images and everything else related to the artist and song. For what it counts, UkuTabs publishes everything under a Fair Use Policy for educational purposes only. UkuTabs is free for everyone and will never charge for its service.

UkuTabs aims to respect the intellectual property rights of others. So on everything posted I reserve the right for the copyright owners to request its removal. UkuTabs never posts any songs chords or tabs that are copied from tablature books and magazines. All chord progressions and tabs are either personally created or already available online elsewhere and free to read.

Strumming Patterns are not posted because it is literally telling how to play a song which is not allowed according to copyright law. UkuTabs can however not guarantee that users of its services share their own thoughts and experiences on how to play a song with each other in the comment section.

UkuTabs is an educational resource with unofficial transcriptions of songs. Selling or redistributing the content in one way or another is not allowed by copyright law. Album covers, artist pictures and artist descriptions are provided by the free API. Lyrics are made available by

Other Content

All content (images, text, scripts...) unrelated to artists and songs, such as — but not limited to — chord diagrams, ukulele guides, ukulele reviews, tools are copyright protected and cannot be copied or distributed under any circumstances without permission, unless listed below under the section 'Credit'.


Credit needs to be given where it’s due, aside from the fact that I as a person or UkuTabs as a whole takes no credit at all for the song arrangements posted. What follows is a list of works (scripts, images…) which I have used as inspiration or modified, whether they are have an attribution license or not. Did I forget to give you credit for something I’ve used? Make sure to contact me and I’ll add credit right away!

  • Liz.STERRY (aka rathawk) is an amazing artist. She has a DeviantART page and a personal website. I’m also an active member on DeviantART and it’s on her DeviantART that I’ve found the original ‘Viva La Ukulele’ image which is featured on every single homepage of UkuTabs. It’s the image of the hand holding an ukulele in the air, quite anarchistic. It really caught my attention and it has been here since the very start of UkuTabs in March 2012. I did found the drawing a bit too ‘dark’ so I redrew it with a more friendly vibe to it, while also coloring in the ukulele and arm. Nevertheless a lot of credit is due to Liz.STERRY for the original idea.
  • If you’re looking up songs on UkuTabs you’ve definitely noticed the sticky chords feature? The ability to let the chords stick on the screen when you scroll down or up the page. This was an addition I would never have thought of, but the great T. Leishman did. He contacted me saying that he wanted to give back to fellow ukulele players on UkuTabs and created a Chrome extension to add this feature. It was so great that I asked the source code so that I could make it a default feature. He did share it and the open source code can be found on GitHub. Thank you!
  • The Lobster font. Yes indeed, the Lobster font. This is the font that is used for all the logo typography of UkuTabs. It is created in 2010 and licensed under the SIL Open Font License. It is an amazing font and can be downloaded for free at their website Impallari.

Copyright Infringement Policy

This paragraph is regarding the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) and how to report copyright infringement. It is UkuTabs’s policy to respond in a timely manner to notices of alleged infringement that comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

If you believe that your work has been used on the site in a way that constitutes copyright infringement, please promptly notify me by sending an email to legal [at] or by filling in the contact form with the following information:

  • A description of the copyrighted work that you claim has been infringed, or if there are multiple works, a representative list of the works.
  • A description of the material that you claim is infringing and information sufficient to establish where it is located on the website. To accurately identify, you must reference the URL associated with that tablature, which can be found in the location or web address box in your browser.
  • Your full name, address, telephone number, and email address.

Response and action is guaranteed upon reception of any request!

To conclude, if you believe that your musical work has been copied by UkuTabs in a way that constitutes infringement of your intellectual property or if you feel uncomfortable with a particular part of the content posted on UkuTabs, contact legal [at] or fill in the contact form to get this resolved as soon as possible. A response and action is guaranteed.

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