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C    Em  Am       F     C    G
Wise men say only fools rush in
    F  G     Am   F         C    G7   C
But I can't help falling in love with you
C     Em   Am            F  C  G
Shall  I  stay? Would it be a sin  
   F  G     Am   F          C    G7   C
If I can't help falling in love with you

Em            B7     Em           B7
Like a river flows, surely to the sea
Em             B7     Em7         A7               Dm7  G7
Darling, so it goes, some things      are meant to be
C    Em  Am            F     C     G
Take my hand, take my whole life, too
      F   G    Am   F          C    G7   C
Cause I can't help falling in love with you

Em            B7     Em           B7
Like a river flows, surely to the sea
Em             B7     Em7         A7               Dm7  G7
Darling, so it goes, some things      are meant to be
C    Em  Am            F     C     G
Take my hand, take my whole life, too
      F   G    Am   F          C    G7   C
Cause I can't help falling in love with you
      F   G    Am   F          C    G7   C
Cause I can't help falling in love with you
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  1. Okay, surely some of y’all know Elvis didn’t write his own songs!

    Can’t Help Falling in Love” is a song recorded by American singer Elvis Presley for the album Blue Hawaii (1961). It was written by Hugo Peretti, Luigi Creatore, and George David Weiss.
    Songwriter(s): Hugo Peretti; Luigi Creatore; George David Weiss;
    Released: October 1, 1961
    Recorded: March 23, 1961, Radio Recorders, Hollywood, California
    Genre: Pop

  2. I know it says this was written by ‘twenty one pilots’, But it was actually written by Elvis Presley!
    This is copyright!

    • Twenty one pilots did a cover/sample of it….hundreds of artists do that so it’s not “copyright” 🙄

    • TØP | MCR | GREEN DAY | P!ATD | FOB |

      In a way, Tyler did write it. He didn’t write the song and lyrics itself, but he wrote the ukulele part and the strumming patterns and such. And if you go and look in the description of the YouTube music video to this song, it says that Presley wrote it, not Tyler and Josh.

    • Megan O'Brien

      Well it isn’t cause it’s licensed as a cover but the website didn’t put it as and if you read a little more it says “Cover. Property of Elvis Presley”

    • Technically Elvis doesn’t write his songs, he’s just a performer. And the original wasn’t technically in ukulele. The arrangements were slightly different. So that makes the twenty one pilots cover is different from a he original.

  3. Zoe Newland

    i also like how this song sounds w single down strums throughout the whole song, idk it sounds more calming hahaha just like where it says “wise” (at the beginning) play just C downwards, and like that for the rest of the lyrics and/or notes

  4. if changing between Em and B7 is too hard, i found that using B instead of B7 sounds pretty much the same

    • David Hoskins

      just hold down the all the strings on the second fret, then use your other finger to hold down the 3rd string third fret

  5. Hello every body, just want to say “what a fantastic site this is, love it.

  6. i love this song

  7. Still thinking of one

    I use DDUDUDD

  8. The C in the second to the last part of ” ‘Cause I can’t help falling in love with you” should be Am:

    F G Am F C G7 Am
    Cause I can’t help falling in love with you
    F G Am F C G7 C
    Cause I can’t help falling in love with you

    • I think that part should be major, which is why C is there and not Am. But you can do whatever you want.

  9. I think D-DDUD works well part from the like a river flows bit which sound so fine with single strums

  10. It is my first time on this website

  11. I brought my ukulele to school and played this song to my crush… I got rejected lol. Hey at least there’s a story to tell:)

  12. EmoKidFromSouthernLands

    To all the clueless losers: This is just A COVER by Twenty One Pilots! Twenty One Pilots DID NOT write this song OR take credit for it! They made a cover! A cover is when a person takes a song someone else wrote, and writes their own new version. A lot of singers/bands have made covers to this song, but this one became popular. Every human in the world KNOWS this song was originally made by Elvis Presley, so stop posting hate comments about how Tøp “took credit” for Elvis’s song. Its just a cover and Twenty One Pilots is NOT the only band who made a cover for this song.

  13. Diego Canales I made a cover of this song using this chords and it goes awesome!!! Thank you so much!!!

  14. +5 is nice, it has easier chords and is better for deeper voices

  15. I love playing this song and I know Twenty one pilots didn’t write this song, Tyler played it amazingly!

  16. paigesings

    i put a capo on the first fret and it made the song a little better with matching my voice.

  17. Someone who likes to play

    DD UU DU works well with this song it’s so fun to play ❤️😜

  18. I'm working on it

    +5 Is easier to play I think, also you could use D-D-UD-U

  19. Maleah Schmunk

    The original artist is Elvis Presley. But other than that thanks for the chords

  20. Flyingcheetah


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