Intro: C Adim7 C
Verse 1:
C              Adim7
something about you escapes me
I’ve lost my charm
C        Adim7           C
something about me is see-though
                     D     F
i can’t do no more harm anymore
C               Adim7            C
i can take the dizzy daydreams, i think they are fine
C             Adim7          C                                D
but I’m not used to dealing with feeling like i’m wastin your time
C                 G                 Dm                              F
and I’m suddenly not interested in whatever the rest of the world has to offer so
C            G          Dm               F
i drown facedown in my head and feel my state start to alter cause
C    G  Dm F
        C G Dm F
because youuuuuuu
Verse 2:
C              Adim7
i can try to shake off the stupid
cause it shouldn’t be that hard
C                  Adim7
but when i start movin
    C                          D
i begin to think about your stars
D                                        Am
and its not like i’m not familiar with dulling myself to tepid
D                                   Am
but i’ve never cared so much about avoiding overstepping
     F            G7         C
and when i think about you i forget about my hands
     F             G7                C                    C7
and all i hear are dancing girls and snapping rubber bands
               D                  F
and you don’t know what that means
Chorus: -there is only in the album version-
C                             G            Dm                       F
It's just suddenly I'm not interested in whatever the rest of the world has to offer so
C            G               Dm                  F
Despite my ticks and buzzes I'll listen to you whenever your felling low
C                  G               Dm                       F
Promise I won't inturrupt cuz my breath ends up catching whenever I hear you speak
C                    G                   Dm                  F
Endlessly trying to make you smile cuz whenever I see it my knees always get so
C G Dm F
C G Dm F -x5-
mmmm mm m m m m m
          C  G  Dm  F
because youuuu
        C   G  Dm  F      C
because youu u u. u u u u u