Verse 1:
F                 Am            Gm C7
   Sleeping has never been so ea-sy
F                    Am                 Gm C7
   Though I'll still toss and twitch my feet
F             Am                Gm C7
   You occupy every one of my dreams
F                    Am                  Gm C7
   Makes closing my eyes easier than it seems
Verse 2:
Bb           C7                       F
   And if it seems you don’t feel the same
That’s alright with me
Bb                   C7          F                   D7
   I understand with me isn't quite the best place to be
Bb           C7                    F                          D7
   But your smile reminds me of a place that I can’t put my finger on so
Gm   C7                                  F
             Just say the word and I’m gone
Am     Gm   Dbdim7
Fmaj7  Am   Gm      Dbdim7
Verse 3:
F           Am                              Gm      C7
   I linger on all the things that you’ve said to me
F                    Am            Gm C7
        Always wanna be your flower
F               Am                  Gm C7
      I wanna make you feel real easy
F                  Am            Gm   C7
      I wanna hear you talk for hours
Bb                        Bbm
   And baby love, if it’s bad
If it’s not what you’d hoped for
        F7             Bb
You can always take it back
Bb                             Bbm
   I’d give you what I can't afford
‘cause everything you do I adore
So maybe you could let me hold your hand real tight
And tell you why the sea reminds me of you
Verse 4:
     F                 Am           Gm  C7
And then sleeping has never been so ea-sy
F                 Am               Gm C7
   Though I wish that you could be near
F                      Am               Gm C7
   It feels like I’ve fallen for you completely
F                 Am                 Gm C7 F
   Maybe it’s best that you can’t be here