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A chordBm chordD chordGbm chordG chord

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Intro -x2-:
     DD chord               GbmGbm chord
DD chord                            GbmGbm chord
Hey there Delilah, What’s it like in New York City? 
      DD chord                               GbmGbm chord
I’m a thousand miles away, But girl tonight you look so pretty, 
        BmBm chord  GG chord                 AA chord                  BmBm chord
Yes you do, Time Square can’t shine as bright as you, 
             AA chord
I swear it’s true. 
DD chord                            GbmGbm chord
Hey there Delilah, Don’t you worry about the distance, 
          DD chord                                  GbmGbm chord
I’m right there if you get lonely, Give this song another listen, 
           BmBm chord    GG chord            AA chord                BmBm chord 
Close your eyes, Listen to my voice it’s my disguise, 
            AA chord
I’m by your side. 
DD chord                      BmBm chord  DD chord                      BmBm chord
Oh it’s what you do to me, Oh it’s what you do to me, 
DD chord                      BmBm chord  DD chord                      BmBm chord            
Oh it’s what you do to me, Oh it’s what you do to me, 
               DD chord
What you do to me. 
DD chord                         GbmGbm chord
Hey there Delilah, I know times are getting hard, 
           DD chord                                    GbmGbm chord
But just believe me girl some day, I'll pay the bills with this guitar, 
              BmBm chord    GG chord              AA chord               BmBm chord
We'll have it good, We'll have the life we knew we would, 
           AA chord
My word is good. 
DD chord                           GbmGbm chord   
Hey there Delilah, I’ve got so much left to say, 
         DD chord                                 GbmGbm chord
If every simple song I wrote to you, Would take your breath away, 
             BmBm chord   GG chord            AA chord                  BmBm chord
I’d write it all, Even more in love with me you’d fall, 
             AA chord
We’d have it all. 
DD chord                      BmBm chord  DD chord                      BmBm chord
Oh it’s what you do to me, Oh it’s what you do to me, 
DD chord                      BmBm chord  DD chord                      BmBm chord            
Oh it’s what you do to me, Oh it’s what you do to me, 
GG chord                                      AA chord
AA chord thousand miles seems pretty far, But they’ve got planes and trains and cars, 
DD chord                                 BmBm chord  
I’d walk to you if I had no other way 
GG chord                                         AA chord
Our friends would all make fun of us, And we'll just laugh along because, 
   DD chord                                     BmBm chord
We know that none of them have felt this way, 
GG chord                               AA chord            
Delilah I can promise you, That by the time that we get through, 
    BmBm chord                                               AA chord
The world will never ever be the same, And you’re to blame. 
DD chord                        GbmGbm chord
Hey there Delilah you be good, And don’t you miss me, 
         DD chord                                         GbmGbm chord
Two more years and you’ll be done with school, And I'll be making history, 
BmBm chord        GG chord                 AA chord              BmBm chord
Like I do, You’ll know it's all because of you, 
GG chord             AA chord            BmBm chord
We can do whatever we want to, 
GG chord           AA chord               BmBm chord                  AA chord
Hey there Delilah here's to you, This one’s for you. 
DD chord                      BmBm chord  DD chord                      BmBm chord
Oh it’s what you do to me, Oh it’s what you do to me, 
DD chord                      BmBm chord  DD chord                      BmBm chord
Oh it’s what you do to me, Oh it’s what you do to me, 
               DD chord
What you do to me. 
   BmBm chord   DD chord    BmBm chord    DD chord    BmBm chord   DD chord    BmBm chord   DD chord DD chord

This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research.


  • Jvilamit says:

    Good poss!! but I play this song by this way:

    A|—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0–| x2

    • Emily003 says:

      I’ve seen this type of chart(?) on other songs and i’m self taught so i never really learned everything to play on ukulele but I’ve been wondering what this chart is and how to play it.

      • Tacitus says:

        there is a really helpful guide on this website. you just go to ukuguides and theres a how to on reading tab charts

      • dylanoliver says:

        it’s a tab – for individual strings (which go GCEA top to bottom) :) it goes from top to bottom string, and the numbers indicate the fret. so for this, you’d strum the third string while holding the second fret. then, you’d strum the last string with nothing on the fret. continue from there :)

      • Talia says:

        Hi! It’s called ‘tab’. So basically each letter represents the basic tuning of each string. If you lay your uke flat you’ll be able to tell each line is a string. G is the string closest to you when playing and A is the furthest. The numbers on the line tell you which fret to play. So with this one you’ll pluck the c string while holding down on fret 2. Hope this helped!

      • RAY says:

        there’s an explanation here on ukutabs i think its called “reading ukulele tablature” im not sure tho

      • rocky says:

        idk if u have already figured it out but that chart is called tablature. Each line is a string and the top string is youre a string and the bottom line is youre g string and the number is the fret that note is played on so if there is a 5 on the a string, that means the 5th fret of the a string.

      • Ukulouko says:

        Emily003, its a TABLATURE.
        Each line represents a string, being the first line the fist string and so on.
        Each number represents a fret. (0 means open string, 1 means first fret…)
        Combining these two, we can see what string to play and where to play it.
        It’s really hard to teach you here but search on youtube/google “How to read tabs” and you’ll see it’s easier than it sounds.

      • qualitywentz says:

        It’s called a tab, and it shows the pattern for fingerpicking.The letters are the strings, and the numbers on the lines show which strings to pluck. 0 means open, 1 means first fret, and so on. Whichever number is closest to the left is plucked first, and you go down the line. This one shows that you’d pluck the C string (2nd fret) then A string (open) for four times, then E string (2nd) and open A four times. If this wasn’t helpful, you can search up “how to read tabs” online.

      • Bananna says:

        Hey Emily! I’m self taught too and these confused me a lot as well. Basically these are picking patterns. So if you look at the one above it has G C E and A which are each of your strings on your ukulele. the numbers show what fret to put your finger on and you pick them in the order that it shows from left to right. I hope this helped I’m not very good at explaining things

      • EggBois says:

        Omg same im so confused

      • Blue_Donkey0807 says:

        Same I’m not sure what it means either…?

      • tay says:

        im like a month late but i had trouble too!

        A|—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0–| x2

        okay, so you read it left to right, so you put your finger on the second fret of the c-string and pluck the strings. you do that four times. then you put your finger on the second fret of the E-string and pluck the strings, and do it four times. get it? whatever number it is, you put your finger on the fret of that string. it’s really simple once you understand :)

      • Bowlin4beandip says:

        The chart at the top is a riff chart. It tells you what string to pluck and what fret your finger you should be on when you pluck it. You read it by having the g string up, the g string being the string that is closest to your face (if you are right handed). The number that is the farthest to the left is where you put your finger on the number told, and pluck first. You read it kinda like you would a book.

      • Ray says:

        So basically you read it left to right, each line representing a string and the number on the line is the fret you put your finger on. It’s used to show specific plucking patterns.


        In this one you put your fingers on the 2nd fret on the middle two strings. You pluck C and then A and E simultaneously. If this isn’t clear (I’m not good at explaining things) you can listen to the song and that should give you a good feel for how it’s supposed to sound

      • arin says:

        i’m not too sure what they’re called, but they show individual chords, and the numbers on the lines are the frets you put your fingers on, the letters are the string’s names. if there’s an s between numbers it means you slide from the first fret to the 2nd one, an example is 3s5, mid-pluck slide from 3 to 5

    • Sadiebell says:

      I like that!! sounds cool!

    • Alexa.Ukulele says:

      How do you play poss?

  • Theo says:

    I remember how i used to sing this on lips A few years ago! Ace song!

  • Cody says:

    I play this song like:
    A|—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0–| x2
    D Gbm

  • Barry says:

    Yeahthis song rocks

  • aguywhocantplay says:

    i play it

    A|—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0—-0–| x2

  • EszterBallai says:

    i play the intro like this! sorry i can read tabs a bit i think but cant write them so i’ll just try to explain….
    finger C and pluck the 2nd and 4th string four times. Then finger Em, pluck the 2nd and 4th string and repeat it four times :)The repeat alll over again :))

  • cosmix says:

    Dmaj7 & G#min is alternative

  • zeekeek says:

    EsaterBallai I have no idea how to write tabs either! I can’t even read them. But I get your explenation and thanks! I have to say, it sounds great. The only thing I do differently is pluck 8 times instead of 4.

  • Itz_patpat says:


  • Kate says:

    I personally think +3 sounds better!

  • Katrina101.23. says:


    I’m not very good at writing tab. heres how i play

  • hellopooman says:

    terrible after being able to play it on acoustic, no transitional notes and note on the a string should change with the c (2/0 then 6/4). example of one of the many flaws meaning if you ever try to play this with other musicians it will result in embarrassment.

  • liz says:

    if you want an easier version to play this, try transposing it -2

  • JJBCREATE says:

    I play it like this…

    G:——————————– D…

    • ollierocks1324 says:

      if you notice, you are holding D and Gbm when you play that tab. To play the tab throughout the song, play the same plucking pattern for those two notes and for the other three, pluck the G and C string instead of the C and E string. That makes what you sing almost exactly like how the song actually sounds, besides, of course, it isn’t on a guitar. Hope this helps!

  • Conman says:

    I found that it sounds in tune if you play it in “Transpose” -2, and put a capo on 2 threat, also I find it better to pic it this way:
    And repeat through the chords. :)

  • SmileyUkulelePlayer says:

    zeekeek totally agree. can’t read them either. but ya those chords sound good. I would strum them 4 times, then repeat 3 times (play 4 total). If you know what I mean. :)

  • Loveminbet says:

    +3 sounds better i reckon

  • Just starting says:

    How does the beginning work?

    • Ukolivia says:

      If you’ve never heard this song, you could easily go on to YouTube and search for it. It is a really good song and I’m sure you will love it!

  • Erika says:

    I used these chords to play “Hey There Rose Tyler,” a Doctor Who-themed parody of this song :) The song also sounds good transposed -3 (I use it because it fits my vocal range better). Thanks for posting this song!

  • Eegret says:

    I’ve been using these chords to play a Doctor Who-themed song set to the tune of this song (it’s called “Hey There Rose Tyler”) and it’s very helpful :) If you’re singing along and are more of a soprano, I recommend transposing it to -3. The chorus is pretty high, but the rest of it sound really good and will probably fit your range better.

  • carrigan_macd says:

    i cant play bm i tried bm7 instead but it didnt work.. made me very sad

  • Ukukukuku says:

    I don’t do it D G I do it C Em then Am F G C I think something along those lines… The C Em sounds nicer Though ???

  • Betsybird says:

    Thanks Eegret for the tip about the Rose Tyler version. Very nice. There are a few Supernatural themed versions that are good too. Destiel and such.

    The chords are awesome, great beginner song. I play it +5. I’m soprano.


  • R.F.C says:

    Hey I’m having some trouble with bm… What should I try?!!

    • Ukolivia says:

      What I do is I put my pointer finger on the 2nd fret 3rd,2nd,and 1st strings and then I use my ring finger for 4th fret 4th string. I hope this helps.

  • runnergirl says:

    Any reccomendations on playing the Bm easier? Any alternative hand postions?

  • a.littlev says:

    If you’re looking for something a little easier try it -2

  • Uku4life says:

    for bm, you should use your index to cover up the 4 cords on the 2nd fret and use your ring finger to cover up the first cord on the 4th fret !! it works and its easy

  • Uku4life says:

    when i say cords i mean strings and also its the ring finger on the 4th string 4th fret (sorry)

  • twentyoneukeleles says:

    +3 sounds better in my opinion

  • uku says:

    guys how would you do Bm, A, and G with picking??

  • Pontooner says:

    Is there a way to pick the bm and the a like the intro?

  • Scarlet Benoit says:

    What is the A———–2—–2 and so on I don’t understand

  • Me says:

    I think that -2 works the

  • amyb123 says:

    If you make it 5 steps higher it’s easier

  • carjourneygirl says:

    I play this on +3 so plucking strings 2 and 4 doesn’t work. I prefer to pluck string 2 with my thumb then pluck the first and third strings with my thumb and first finger in a pinch like motion(?). I’m gonna try write this in tab form (p meaning pluck).

    A |————-
    E |-p-p-p-p—-
    C |p-p-p-p—–
    G |-p-p-p-p—-

    okay that’s not very clear but I hope you get the idea

  • kalaniopua says:

    So I’m pretty sure this isn’t the ~proper~ way to play Bm, but I play it by putting my index finger on C E A and my thumb on G… I have a tenor so it’s a bit bigger (my hands are too big for concerts) and am not sure how that would work for smaller ukes, but I think it’s worth a shot for those of you who are having trouble with it!

  • L S Miles says:

    This song makes me emotional still don’t understand the first bit

  • Ameyyyyy says:

    I have a very limited vocal range (not a singer whatsoever, but it helps to sing along while playing). I use the same chords here, but I just capo to the 2nd fret. Allows harmonization much easier with the actual song and for my voice.

  • LArney says:

    I play the plucked intro at the end instead of the Bm/D pattern

  • Peaches says:

    not good at playing tabs LOL.
    I play Bm with putting my pointer finger across all four strings on the second threat then put my ring finger on the fourth threat, top string. It’s easier for me

  • GabrielHasWingsLikeKotex says:

    Im learning this so i can play hey there rose tyler. Both versions of this (parody and original) are bloody brilliant though.

  • kklynn901 says:

    For an easier (and better sounding, in my opinion) version, switch out that tricky Bm for Em :)

  • Egon says:

    If you put it on -2 and add a G between Am and F it sounds great
    Am (G) F
    “Yes you do, time square can’t shine “

  • Egon says:

    If you put it on -2 and add a G between Am and F it sounds great
    …………..Am (G) F
    “Yes you do, time square can’t shine “

  • Dionge says:

    If you bring it down two half steps on the transposer and put a capo on the second fret it sounds incredible!! :)

  • Dionge says:

    If you turn the transposer down two half steps and put a capo on the second fret it sounds incredible!!:)

  • Ellie the Gryffindor musician says:

    I think they did amazing and it’s so easy to learn!

  • CliqueAsFrick says:

    An easier was to play Bm is to place your fingers like a G and add your pinkie to the 4th fret of the top string. It honestly sounds the same.

  • ameliasukulele says:

    -2 is much easier if your struggling with the chords

  • Lolo says:

    Does anyone know the strumming pattern?

  • Raegan says:

    Can someone tell me the strumming pattern?

  • newuke says:

    +5 IS PERFECT for female vocals!

  • MeMyselfandI says:

    @newuke thank you so much!! It is perfect!

  • OddLilDuck says:

    I love this in +3! Sounds much better and is still pretty easy if you can switch to Bb easy enough :)
    Plus it doesn’t go too high with my vocal range which is alto.

  • Lil U says:

    I have a replacement lyric for this song to fit a ukulele instead of a guitar if you feel like changing it up :D

    “Hey there Delilah I know right now it ain’t too easy
    But believe me girl, I’ll earn my checks by playing this ukulele”

  • bee-kara says:

    Look, in this song, the G string is completely useless. So, in order to get around having to play a barre chord (i.e B minor), fret a D chord shape but on the C, E and A strings. Only use those strings so it’s easier to play. The intro (D to G flat minor) is so easy when played like this; just place your index finger in the second fret of the C string, middle finger on the second fret of the E string for the D chord, then slide your index finger to the first fret for G flat minor. Use this method and the song sounds great whilst also being easy.

  • Saphirynn says:

    Is there an easy way to play Bm? THX

  • ThePastelKittyKat says:

    When it gets to Bm, for picking it doest sound right. Any suggestions for picking on Bm chords or on the, “oh it’s what you do to me” lines? Thanks! ^_^

  • Love y'all :)!! says:

    Saphirynn, when it comes to Bm and all of the barre chords, until someone smarter than me comes along, I have the smallest hand and couldn’t play the barre chords no matter how hard I tried. But then I recently watched a video that said it doesn’t matter how small your hands are as long as your finger can reach across the fret-board. You just have to be pressing equally as hard with your thumb at the bottom of the fret-board. This helped me not only play Bm that I was struggling with, but also the other various barre chords.

    I hope you understood my somewhat of an “explanation” that I gave and hope you want to give this another try. It’s all worth it in the end if you keep practicing!! :)

  • LunaDragonFly says:

    hey guys im just figuring out my chords but i am having trouble with the strum pattern. Any suggestions? At the moment im just winging it and it doesnt sound right. Please help lol

  • Sammydcraig says:

    Strum pattern?

  • Doggo says:

    What’s the strum pattern

  • Rachel says:

    I pluck C and then G and E together throughout

  • Rachel says:

    Or if you’re transposed 2- I’d pluck C and then G and A together

  • Buzz says:


  • erin2154 says:

    It might just be me, but for some reason the version with D and Gbm doesn’t really sound good. I always use the version with C and Em and stuff. So I transposed it to -2 and it worked. Also the intro I do it where I do a C chord and then I pluck the G string and then the C and A string together then do that 4 times, then switch to Em and do the same plucking 4 times and then do both twice (sorry if that’s confusing) but that’s how I do the intro instead of what is there.

  • T says:


    For the verse


  • tristan_the_me says:

    A/1-3-3-3-3-1-0-1-3-3-3-5-3-1-0 X2
    C/——————————— play top twice

    A/-0-1-1-1-0—–0-0-0————- play bottom once
    G/——————————— for the verse :D

  • me says:

    does any one have a strumming pattern?

  • Samantha says:

    Okay so I am really new at playing the ukulele, what would you guys recommend to use at the strum beat?

  • brandonurlie says:

    -2 is the easiest for me and I’m a beginner. i strongly think beginners should start on this one

  • ukesnotnukes11124 says:

    Anybody use something different than Bm I don’t like the transition my transition is too slow at the moment but I still wannna play the song… HELP!

  • kay says:


  • Caleigh1231 says:

    I play Bm by barring the first fret with my index finger and then putting my pinky on the fourth fret on the A string.

  • Xyz says:

    To anyone else having difficulty with Bm: I have tiny hands and find it pretty hard to play, so I just transposed the whole thing down a key. I find that pretty much all the transposed down chords are easier to play, and it still sounds good

  • KatieAndJoshDun says:

    I sing my dog to sleep with this

  • Ur mum says:

    If you just want to strum and not fingerpick (like me lol) then you can use the strumming pattern DDU-UDU-DDU-UDU for each note until you get to the listen to my voice part, then you use DDU-UDU

  • Ur mum says:

    If you just want to strum and not fingerpick (like me lol) then you can use the strumming DDU-UDU-DDU-UDU for each note until you get to the listen to my voice part, then you use DDU-UDU

  • Pinky says:

    -2 is easier if you’re having trouble

  • Izzyb says:

    I love +3 with a capo on the third fret:)

  • AJ says:

    It’s much easier to play it -2 with a capo on the 2nd fret!!

  • Ukelele MASTA says:

    Being My Small – Fingered Self , Instead of Bm On “0” I use Em

  • peter says:

    i play this by plucking the 3rd string with my thumb, then the 1st and 2nd strings simultaneously. if you know how to play count on me by bruno mars, it’s exactly the same.

  • peter says:

    A| — 3 — 3 — 3 — 3
    E| — 2 — 2 — 2 — 2
    C| 1 — 1 — 1 — 1 —

    (thumb= 1, pointer= 2, middle=3)

  • Itsmetheukuleleteacher says:

    If you’re having trouble with Bm and you’re doing the finger plucking on strings 1,2, and 3, then if you just don’t include the fourth string for Bm it won’t matter because you aren’t playing it anyway.

    So if you’re playing D, keep the fingers, but move it over one for Bm

  • London!! says:

    Sliding into those Dm’s like -2-2-1-0-

  • Uke Boy says:

    have a good times rocking to some toons but the easiest way to play it is -2 Enjoy :)

  • Issahdz777 says:

    i want to name my child delilah now

  • ukulady2018 says:

    -2 is the easiest but a little high (for me, at least) in the chorus so use a capo :)

  • uke hanah says:

    +3 is easy if you’re a beginner the only chords are,C,D,F,Am, and Bb.

  • Edawg says:

    i looked through the tabs people put and either i’m playing them wrong or they sound really weird i played the tab that is on the website and to me it sounded fine

  • ukulele daddy says:

    -2 is very easy if you have tiny child fingers like me. It’s also not too high to sing so I think it’s nice

  • Ima wolf says:

    -2 is the easiest setting.

  • Name says:

    Wow that is a lot of comments.

  • Taylor Swift says:

    Also, I recommend D-DU-UDU.

  • Blaze445 says:

    I’m pretty late but I’m not sure how to play the tab. I know how to pluck but idk how to do the note with plucking

  • Grace L Oliva says:


  • Ivy Claw says:

    -2 is absolutely perfect for beginners. I’ve just started and learned it easy

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