| E  Gbm  | Dbm  Abm7 | E  Gbm  | Dbm  Abm7 |
   | E  Gbm  | Dbm  Abm7 | E  Gbm  | Dbm  Abm7 |
   | A       | B         | Dbm  B  | B    Ab7  | A       |
   | A       | B         | Dbm  B  | B    Ab7  | A       |
   | A       | Am        |

Verse 1:
    E             Gbm          Dbm        Abm7
The chicken wakes up, like she does every morning
E       Gbm           Dbm       Abm7
 To the sounds of her husband's screams
E          Gbm         Dbm        Abm7
Sat in the dark on the egg she is warming
E    Gbm        Dbm      Abm7
 She closes her eyes and dreams of
A                     B
Walking to Memphis, becoming a dentist
Dbm  B   Ab7  A
Anything but  this
        A                       B
I mean, shе likes her life as a mothеr and wife
    Dbm    B    Ab7  A
But is that all she  is?
     A             Am
She stares out the window

Verse 2:
    Emaj7     Gbm          Dbm       Abm7
The very next morning, the chicken decides to
Emaj7      Gbm         Dbm7     Abm7
Make her escape, get a taste of freedom
    Emaj7        Gbm           Dbm7           Abm7
She runs out the coop that her life's been confined to
Emaj7    Gbm                  Dbm7  Abm7
Suddenly sees the thing she’s only  dreamed of
A                      B
Just up ahead, gophers run through a meadow
Dbm   B      Ab7   A
 Deer graze, birds sing
    A                        B
Her future is waiting, right there for the taking
Dbm      B    Ab7  A
 There's just one  thing
    A            Am              E
The chicken must first cross the road
The road

Dbm       B                   A
 A sea of trees and green and moss
              Gbm      E         Ab7   Dbm
Waiting just across the road, the road
  B                A                      Am
A life of brighter days, a width of road away

Verse 3:
    E         Gbm         Dbm        Abm7
The road is gigantic, the chicken is little
E          Gbm             Dbm         Abm7
She moves ahead left-right-left, right-left-right
E          Gbm         Dbm         Abm7
All of the sudden she stops in the middle
E         Gbm        Dbm     Abm7
Frozen in place by a pair of headlights
     A                   B
It's anyone's guess what then happened next
   Dbm   B     Ab7  A
But most think she  died
    A                     B
But I think we ought to believe that she got to
Dbm  B  Ab7  A
 The other   side
   A              Am
So that's why she did it