Em         A
Hey, kids
                         D             D  B   
Today, we're gonna learn about the world
Verse 1:
Em               A
The world that's around us
Is pretty amazing
But how does it work?
It must be complicated
Em                A              D
The secret is the world can only work
                D       B   
When everything works together
Verse 2:
  Em                A
A bee drinks from a flower
And leaves with its pollen
A squirrel in a tree
                       B       Em
Spreads the seeds that have fallen
Everything works together
D           B             Em       A
The biggest elephant, the littlest fly
D           B                Em           A
The gophers underground, the birds in the sky
Gb     Bm          Daug          D           D         
And every single cricket, every fish in the sea
G                       E              A
Gives what they can and gets what they need
D               E
That is how the world works
G               Em    A
That is how the world works
From A to Zebra
       Gb7          Bm
To the worms in the dirt
G      D  
That's how it works
Interlude 1: Bo Burnham & Socko:
D      Gbm   
Hey everyone
Look who stopped by to say hello
It's Socko
Where you been, Socko?
          Bm7                               Gbm   
I've been where I always am when you're not wearing me on your hand
D                     Gbm                  Bm7
In a frightening, liminal space between states of being
Not quite dead, not quite alive
     D                              Gbm   
It's similar to a constant state of sleep paralysis
Bm7                                             Gbm   
Socko, we were just talking about the world and how it works
D                   Gbm   
Boy, that sounds complicated!
Do you have anything you'd want to teach us about the world?
           Gbm                                    D
I wouldn't say anything that you probably haven't already said yourself
I don't know about that, Socko
E                       A
How about you give it a try?

Verse 3: Socko
Em                   A                       D
The simple narrative taught in every history class
                D                 B     Em
Is demonstrably false and pedagogically classist
                   A                   D
Don't you know the world is built with blood?
             D          B   
And genocide and exploitation
Em                    A                     D
The global network of capital essentially functions
                 D                   B     Em
To separate the worker from the means of production
          A                      D
And the FBI killed Martin Luther King
D       B          Em         A
Private property's inherently theft
    D          B            Em             A
And neoliberal fascists are destroying the left
Gb    Bm       Daug          D          D         
And every politician, every cop on the street
             G                           E         A
Protects the interests of the pedophilic corporate elite
Chorus: together
D               E
That is how the world works
G               E     A
That is how the world works
D                             Gb7       Bm
Genocide, the Natives say you got to it first
G      D  
That's how it works
Interlude 2: together
D             Gbm   
That's pretty intense
No xxxx
What can I do to help?
Read a book or something, I don't know
Gbm                           Bm7
Just don't burden me with the responsibility of educating you
It's incredibly exhausting
I'm sorry, Socko
                    Gbm                 Bm7
I was just trying to become a better person
                     Gbm                               D
Why do you rich xxxxing white people insist on seeing every
                Gbm                              Bm7              Gbm   
socio-political conflict through the myopic lens of your own self-actualization?
This isn't about you
                   Gbm                           Bm7
So either get with it, or get out of the xxxxing way

Watch your mouth, buddy
        Gbm                  D
Remember who's on whose hand here

But that's what I--
Have you not been xxxxing listening?
We are entrenched in--

Alright, alright
Wait, no please!
I don't wanna go back, please
I can't go, I can't go back
Please, please, I'm sorry

Are you gonna behave yourself?


Yes, what?

Yes, sir

Look at me

Yes, sir

That's better
Chorus: together
D               E
That is how the world works
G               E        A
That is how the world works
I hope you learned your lesson
Gb7          Bm
I did and it hurt
G      D  
That's how it works