Verse 1:
Gm           F                 Eb      D
 Who needs a coffee? Cause I'm doing a run
     Gm               F              Eb   D
 I'm writing down the orders now for everyone
     Gm        F     Eb        D
 The coffee is free, just like me
        Gm     F       Eb D
 I'm an unpaid intern
 Verse 2:
Gm       F       Eb      D
 Sorting papers, runnin' around -Runnin' around-
 Gm             F                 Eb       D
 Sitting in the meeting room, not making a sound -Not a sound-
 Gm     F       Eb      F
 Barely people, somehow legal
 Gm     F      Eb D
 Unpaid intern
 Verse 3:
     Gm       F       Eb           D
 You work all day, go back to your dorm
               Gm             F                  Eb        D
 And since you can't afford a mortgage, you just torrent a xxxx
                 Gm    F  Eb  D
 Cause you're an intern  -Unpaid-