difficulty level 1Difficulty level 1/5

Chords in this song

Am chordB chordC chordDm chordEm chordF chordG chord

chords or tablatures

remember keys
    AmAm chord FF chord CC chord DmDm chord
    AmAm chord FF chord CC chord
AmAm chord           FF chord   CC chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
             DmDm chord  AmAm chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
             FF chord   CC chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
AmAm chord                               FF chord 
 When the leader of the bad guys sang
CC chord                             DmDm chord
 Something soft and soaked in pain
AmAm chord                                FF chord   CC chord   
 I heard the echo from his secret hideaway
AmAm chord                              FF chord
 He must've forgot to close his door
CC chord                               DmDm chord
 As he cranked out those dismal chords
AmAm chord                           FF chord     CC chord
 And his four walls declared him insane
  EmEm chord
I found my way
      BB chord
Right time wrong place
     DmDm chord      GG chord
As I pled my case
           FF chord         CC chord
You're the judge, Oh no
       GG chord AmAm chord
Set me free
           FF chord         CC chord
You're the judge, Oh no
       GG chord AmAm chord
Set me free
  FF chord              GG chord
I know my soul's freezing
       CC chord            AmAm chord
Hell's hot for good reason
   FF chord            AmAm chord
So please, take me
AmAm chord           FF chord  CC chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
             DmDm chord AmAm chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
             FF chord  CC chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
 AmAm chord               
 Three lights are lit
                      FF chord 
 But the fourth one's out
       CC chord
 I can tell cause it's a bit darker
                       DmDm chord
 Than the last night's bout
      AmAm chord 
 I forgot about the drought
                        FF chord
 Of light bulbs in this house
           CC chord
 So I head out
 Down a route I think is heading south
             AmAm chord
 But I'm not good with directions
                      FF chord
 And I hide behind my mouth
       CC chord
 I'm a pro at imperfections
                              DmDm chord
 And I'm best friends with my doubt
AmAm chord
 And now that my mind's out
                             FF chord
 And now I hear it clear and loud
                CC chord
 I'm thinking, "Wow
 I probably should've stayed inside my house."
   EmEm chord
 I found my way
       BB chord
 Right time wrong place
      DmDm chord       GG chord
 As I pled my case
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord AmAm chord
 Set me free
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord AmAm chord
 Set me free
   FF chord              GG chord
 I know my soul's freezing
        CC chord            AmAm chord
 Hell's hot for good reason
    FF chord
 So please,
AmAm chord                    FF chord
 I don't know if this song
CC chord                    DmDm chord
 Is a surrender or a revel
AmAm chord                    FF chord
 I don't know if this one
CC chord                   DmDm chord
 Is about me or the devil
AmAm chord                    FF chord
 I don't know if this song
CC chord                    DmDm chord
 Is a surrender or a revel
AmAm chord                    FF chord
 I don't know if this one
CC chord                     DmDm chord
 Is about me or the devil
    AmAm chord FF chord CC chord DmDm chord 
    AmAm chord FF chord CC chord
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord        AmAm chord
 Set me free, oh no
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord        AmAm chord
 Set me free, oh no
   FF chord              GG chord
 I know my soul's freezing
        CC chord            AmAm chord
 Hell's hot for good reason
    FF chord
 So please,
Interlude -x2-: FF chord CC chord GG chord AmAm chord
FF chord         CC chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
GG chord         AmAm chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
FF chord         CC chord
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
GG chord         AmAm chord    
 Na Na Na Na Oh Oh
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord AmAm chord
 Set me free
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord AmAm chord
 Set me free
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord AmAm chord
 Set me free
            FF chord         CC chord
 You're the judge, Oh no
        GG chord AmAm chord     
 Set me free
    FF chord GG chord CC chord AmAm chord
    FF chord

This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research.


  • Hey says:

    If you put an E chord after the last F it sounds like the harmony in tr song

    • cgarza says:

      I love the song

      • Solitude Seeker says:

        I agree this song is great. 21 pilots is great to listen especially if, like me, you’re going through depression. I also recommend Message Man which also a brilliant song.

      • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

        Excuse me, ms Solitude Seeker? It’s ‘twenty one’, not 21. Thanks! Sorry to bother you 🤘

      • Moist Kiwi says:

        @Frento, it doesn’t matter if it’s twenty one or 21. They’re just numbers

      • Cheez Whiz says:

        @frentotheblurryfaces there are two things wrong that are bugging me and sorry to mention this, but you kinda assumed that solitude seeker’s gender is female. It’s best to refer to people without using a specific gender label before you know what they actually prefer. Also, it’s fine to put ’21’ rather than ‘twenty one’. I don’t think they didn’t know that it was ‘twenty one’. It’s a lot easier to type ’21’ anyway. I don’t mean to be rude or say that you were being rude. It’s just best to not assume I guess is what I’m trying to say.

    • JamieAJ says:

      this is great

    • Melanie's Panic! As she flees her chemical house of gold says:

      I think Am after the last f also sounds good

    • TwentyOnePilotsAndGraceVanderwaalTrash says:

      Yes, it is indeed Twenty One Pilots! I don’t mean to be rude of course, but that irked me a bit. :)

  • sofo says:

    yes this is good

  • 4secondsofsummer says:

    Don’t forget the “JOSH DUN” part in the lyrics

  • sophia!!! says:

    how do u forget??? its the cutest part of the song!!!

  • EvaBear says:


  • ukulele_queen!! says:

    this is so helpful! thanks!

  • twentyoneukeleles says:

    Love this song! So glad I found the chords!

  • Cate says:

    Thank you for making this! It’s one of my favorite songs :)

  • AJ says:


  • 12aclocksharp says:

    there’s a bit where he says “JOSH DUN” after the second-to-last “you’re the judge…oh no…set me freeee!”

    its the best part

  • hmaholm says:

    I love this song. Super easy chords too yiss.

  • TySmolProductions says:

    This is my favorite song!! :D

  • RedOwl says:

    LUV This song………. but ya know who doesent ?!?

    • Baydo says:

      @realukeplayer doesn’t

      If you don’t like the part where he yells “JOSH DUN!” then you don’t like the rest of the song.

  • KierraJh says:

    Best bloody website I’ve ever come across!

  • nat says:

    Favorite song, and easy chords:)))

  • Green peridot gem says:

    I loved this song so much. I play it over and over again

  • mdw2402 says:

    I changed B with BM and I think it sounds a bit better

  • wilsonsmahalo says:

    Guilty with screaming JOSH DUN. Great song!

  • twentyonepilotsfan says:

    so pretty :’)

  • megart says:

    JOSH DUN! And thanks!!

  • 5 Seconds of twenty øne piløts says:

    Perfect :) I just got my first uke yesterday and I am already progressing thanks to this website and their tabs

    • Brooklinear says:

      I got mine today and i can already play two songs thanks to this website too!

      • Anna says:

        Hey! I’m just getting started with uke. Could you please tell me which songs? I’d like to find something to good start! Thank you :)

      • cbjgirl23 says:

        @Anna below
        I’d reccomend riptide and i dont know my name. house of gold is pretty good too

      • Abz says:

        dodie clark is a good place to start. So is grace Vanderwaal, theyre quite simple! i’ve had mine for just under a year now and those were the first i learned

  • Potato says:

    Love the song not gonna deny I yelled josh dun at the end

  • JOSHUADUN says:

    I love this! It’s so easy to pick up!
    In my opinion where in the chorus it says to play AMinor, I replace it with A7

  • Scarlet Benoit says:

    Love this song!its nice and easy!

  • Scarlet Benoit says:

    Amazing website

    • itsme says:

      lol, if I’m thinking about this right, then I take it that scarlet isn’t your real name and it is actually the name of the character out of the lunar chronicles…!?!? I love that series!!!

  • Rae says:

    Bless your heavy dirty soul, this is perfect

  • levi_ackerman says:

    The lyrics are wrong

  • tacha16 says:

    *cough* ddududu *cough*

  • coloughlin1219 says:

    i love this song and i literally sight read this!!!!!!! so easy!!!!!!!

  • UkuGator says:

    Two words. JOSH. DUN.

  • Jacqui says:

    I love this song |-/

  • natalieeaae says:

    I may or may not have yelled “Josh Dun”

  • BLE says:

    What’s the strum pattern?

  • Ukeukeuke says:

    This song is amazing

  • Clara Sorensen says:

    The strum pattern is D DU UDU UDUDUDU.
    Switch from AM (or C) to F (or Dm) at the second up on the last part.

  • KatieF13 says:

    The B chord is really hard for me. Does anyone have any tips for playing it, or anything I can replace it with?

    • AddictImAPan says:

      I know you’ve probably figured it out by now but I think of it as a Em but to the side with you finger pressed down a little more

  • melissa925 says:

    *wakes up entire house because “JOS(HUA WILLIAM) DUN!!!!!!!!!”*
    good song too

  • realukeplayer says:

    1. This comment thread is super cringey and makes me want to barf

    2. @JOSHUADUN, I have no idea how you could possibly think that an A7 sounds better than Am in this song. The original song uses Am and changing it to A7 completely changes the entire feel of the song, and doesn’t sound right with the transition to F.

    3. @mdw2402, just like I told the last guy, you can’t just go and completely change a chord in the song. It sounds nothing like the original. I tried it out with your suggested change of BM to Bm, and it sounds awful. Nothing like the original. IDK what you’re smoking


    • stayalive says:

      do u need a hug man

    • tylerrjoseph says:

      ppl can have their opinions on what they think sounds good, take a chill pill?

    • The Longer that a FOB title says:

      True fans care. They care because it’s the little things in the songs that could make their entire day so much better. Those little things in the song which make the song how it is. If it makes people smile, why say “who cares?” When really, they care.

      If you don’t care about it, then okay. We respect that. But just because your view is different to other people’s, it doesn’t mean you should say stuff like that.

    • Fairly Automatic says:


      Actually we all do care when he screams “Josh Dun!” Why would we wright about it if we
      didn’t care? (Like honestly it’s the cutest thing ever) And honestly what’s wrong with you? he didn’t command you and 100% guarantee you that changing BM to Bm or Am to A7 will sound amazing it’s just an innocent suggestion! Like please take a chill pill

    • twentyone says:

      if you got really triggered, first, nobody told you to go through the comments, and second, NOBODY CARES ABOUT YOUR OPINION IT DOESN’T MATTER!

    • Joshler says:

      well dang

    • Baydo says:

      1. Well, you don’t have to read it, then

      2. People can have there own opinions, you don’t have to get so worked up

      3. Same thing here, some people think different things sound better than others

      4. Everybody cares! It’s the best part of the song! And if you don’t like it, then stop forcing your anger out on fellow members of the Clique!

    • Srsly says:


    • Srsly says:

      OK. What I said before was super long an’ all, but srsly, calm yourself, your comment is super cringey and makes me want to barf, because it just shows how much spare time you have that you are making an entire comment pointing out people’s faults. It doesn’t matter if what they said was wrong. They may be still new the a ukulele, and if you were a ‘realukeplayer’ you would keep your abnormally large nose out of other people’s business.
      What are you smoking?

      • Kkksowhatsup says:

        this is hilarious cuz seriously it doesn’t matter, you do you, and you probably won’t even remember this by next week btw

    • stunnindun says:

      yo the “josh dun” part is an important part of the song and it shouldn’t be forgotten.

    • Todd Vail says:

      I am a huge T0P fan, and have been for years. And I FULLY agree!

    • Hum-town says:

      Well ding dong, your opinions wrong

    • twenty-one-phans says:

      calm down satan take your medicine

  • brynn says:

    Does anyone know the strum pattern for this?

  • ItsCalledUkuleleScreamo says:

    This is the first song I ever learned to play on the uke <3

  • |-/ says:

    Super easy and a best song ever!!!!!!!
    I use A instead of A7

  • Tøp fan says:

    Whata the strumminh pattern?

  • UKE girl says:

    I have no idea where and when he shouts JOSH DUN

  • hankatnic says:

    @|-/ and @Tøp fan what i do is i find a rhythm like the beat of the syllables, or of the song. I strum to that rhythm and it usually works. Also play around with it, and you’ll figure it out eventually. All I say is to not give up

  • denisse says:

    @realukeplayer chill

  • CRS says:

    For the intro I just switch between C and F. It sounds just fine. I just listened to the recording and played along with it and it sounded great

  • problematiclmap says:

    Is it okay to play a D chord instead of Dm? I’m a beginner and I can’t really play Dm correctly without stopping the entire song.

    • elema says:

      Yeah, it’s hard for me, too. Just keep practicing; until you get it, you can replace it with the chord before it and it sounds fine.

  • Malique says:

    You should make an app for the uku tabs
    Realy appreciate it if you done it

  • Anne says:

    im glad i can play this song on an accustic guitar. sounds about the same the chords are the same so… yay

  • Emma says:

    I love Twenty One Pilots! I haven’t been playing ukulele for very long but thanks to this website I’m already improving. I would really appreciate it if you made an app for this. Does anybody know a chord you could use to replace B which is easier to play?

  • Ellie.bashaw says:

    this is my current fave song so I love this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ainslee says:

    First off |-/ second there needs to be a mobile app or something cuz this is the best thing ever…..

  • BlurryfacedGirl-Forest says:

    Does anyone know of an easier strum pattern than D DU UDU UDUDUDU.
    Honestly, that is really complicated for me but I want to play the song right

  • TØP IS MY LIFE says:

    Guys I’m the biggest fan ever and I started playing the ukulele just so that I could play their songs

  • Abby says:

    Im just starting of and i love twenty one pilots but their song s are a bit too challenging any suggestions?

    • UkuGator says:

      Hey Abby! I’ve been playing the uke for about 2 and a half years now, and I suggest to play “I don’t know my name,” by Grace VanderWaal. It is pretty easy to play. Also, some TøP songs are easier to play than others. If it’s strum patterns that are concerning you in TøP songs, than listening to the real song helps. It helps you get an idea of what the pattern might be. Especially when playing “House of gold” and “The Judge” because Tyler played the uke in those songs. Hope this helped!

    • i just like ukulele says:

      May I suggest Oh Ms Believer? fairly easy and by Twenty One Pilots. xo

  • Duxo says:

    Hey! Nice tab, does somebody know the strumming pattern? I use DD DUDUD but I don’t think that is the correct one :(

    • Twenty One Panicking! Pilots says:

      I personally use, for the verse DDU, UDU, UDU, DDU

      So it would go:
      Am F C Dm
      And for the chorus, I use DDU, UDU
      So it would go like this:

      F C G Am

  • jordyn frechette says:

    if anyone want to know the strum for the chorus it is D D U (pause) U D U (pause) U D U (pause) D U D U (pause) D D U (pause) U D U (pause) U D U (pause) D U D U
    U= up, D=down (at least i think it’s this)

  • Havashwavashwashwa says:

    @realukeplayer the first two don’t matter but the last one omfg same

  • JustinDA101 says:

    Is this song for strumming or just one strum each chord?

    • UkuGator says:

      Most of the song is strumming, however the

      I don’t know if this song
      Is a surrender or a revel

      part is a part that is a little different. Once again, listening to the real song may help you. Hope this helped.

  • twentyonepilots4life says:

    love this song

  • Lol says:

    If you change the B to a Bm it sounds much better

  • UkuleleCat147 says:

    I love this website! I have found every song that I would want to play!

  • destiel_trash says:

    if anyone wants the strumming pattern its D/DUDUDU, but you have to know when to change the chords
    it should go like this at the intro/verse:
    Am F
    so you have to change it after first D
    then, at the chorus we have just DDD/DU
    and at the bridge:
    DD D DD D
    Am F C Dm
    repeat it x4
    i hope you understand everything, english isnt my first language

  • pandahope31 says:

    So, are you supposed to chuck/palm mute during this song? Because I’m doing that, and I think it sounds good, but I don’t want to be wrong…

    • sam says:

      if you want to chuck then go for it dude. theres no chucking in the original but you should really make the song your own. it doesnt need to be an exact replica, put your own flavor into it

  • Tylerjosephisdun says:

    this is the song that started me on ukulele XD

  • ._. says:


  • TricksDun says:

    When was it this easy omg

  • Lolz says:

    LOAF DIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lolz says:

    LOAF DIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!! Best song EVA

  • TreeHouseIsNotOnFire says:

    at the end, slow down the last F and then add a C. it sounds really good.

  • LittleUkeGirl says:

    LUV dis song!!!!!

  • New uke says:

    CLIQUE!!!! TØP FPE ? ?
    |-/ + +
    + +
    + +
    | |
    | |

  • UkeLove says:

    Set the transpose to -5, it sounds way better and is very easy once you get the hang of it! :))

  • JCplays says:

    Instead if playing B you can play a gG and it sounds pretty good :)

  • PurpleUkuleles says:

    I love this song and Twenty One Pilots I learned how to play Ride, House of Gold, Heathans Message Man and this!

    • UseYiewrDamnGlutes says:

      Congrats! You need to learn Glowing eyes and Can´t help falling in love, the ukulele versions are lit!!!

  • The Ukulele Clique says:

    If anyone doesn’t know the strumming pattern i’ll tell you, there are 2 one for the na-na-na-na-oh-oh repeatedly and first part of singing (when the leader of the bad guys sang,.,,etc,..) Its DD-U-D-U-D-U-D-U-D-U-D-U and when it starts singing The Judge (you’re the judge oh no set me free!….etc…) Is D-D-D-D-U and the rest, use your imagination (I hope this helped u

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  • bubbles says:

    ok, am I the only one here who hears “josh dun” in the middle tyler singing “you the judge oh no set me freee”?!

    • UseYiewrDamnGlutes says:

      Nope, Tyler actually tweeted that when he was recording the song in the studio he yelled the drummer’s name and he liked it so they left it like that.
      But good ear! I didn´t notice it before Tyler said it.

    • Blurrybangtanphan says:

      nope! not only u fren

  • JoshDunIsBae says:

    Firstly let me say how awesome this song is, secondly I think personally instead of F on please try Dm. It sounds better to me.
    (idk if this has been mentioned in the comments already but as I was scrolling down I saw alot of JOSH DUN OMGGGGG…)

  • Heavydirty.goner_ says:

    Does anyone know the strumming pattern in this? I feel like they should put that with the chords, it would be a lot easier.

  • WavemakersUkulele says:

    This is my favourite song to play on a ukulele!

  • Tyler Joseph says:


  • UkePlayingPianist says:

    I don’t know how to reply on this thing, but if anybody cares, you can scroll and find @Srsly and I think the end was a Harry Potter reference. ;)

    I also love twenty one pilots.|-/

  • twenty one pilots fan says:

    @realukeplayer u need Jesus. Honestly ppl have opinions. The “JOSH DUN!” part many ppl care about. U obvi arent part of the clique if u don’t respect other members

  • Laurem says:

    I love the +2 version. It’s a bit harder than the original, but it’s very upbeat and fun.

  • Turtle says:

    If you’re having problems with the chords in the verses it’s because they’re not in the right place, follow the rhythm instead of the placement

  • Arabia says:

    Talented, brilliant, incredible, amazing, showstopping, spectacular – so glad someone put chords for this song !

  • Josh Dun says:

    What fight?

  • Kat Jøseph Dun |-/ says:

    What is the easiest setting? :3

  • Deven says:

    This is a great website, thanks all

  • Rachel says:

    lol I love this comment section cause first it’s all like ” OMG JOSH DUN!!! BEST PART OF THE SONG!!!!!”
    And then it’s some angry person expressing their opinion about other ppl opinions in a jerk way and everyones respoce to that ( again not angry ppl)
    And the it’s suddenly back to normal comments that you see on here and I just LOVE it!!! Lol :)

  • Rachel says:

    Oh and then there’s a totally random arrival someone poasted( something about dental care or something, could be wrong I didn’t read the whole thing) and someone responding with ” umm…thanks?”

  • Someone_who_likes_music says:

    i’m a beginner so i play at 0 but it’s to low. on what fret should i put my capo?

  • carliiiii says:


  • temmie_carie says:

    does anyone have a good strumming pattern i could use?

  • Xx_Pillow_xX says:

    “JOSH DUN!”

  • crazedpjofan says:

    I legit started playing ukulele just to learn these songs!

  • Unknown says:

    Can u please tell me how should i tune my ukulele trings to make it sound like the real version pls

  • Narwhal says:

    What is the strumming pattern ?

  • cliquey mcpilot says:

    you forgot the JOSH DUN


      I saw “cliquey mc pilot” on YouTube it was also on a try not to get angry TØP version I was laughing so hard after how mad I was

  • elliottisavampire says:

    Strumming pattern, anyone?

  • Ruby says:

    I want to tab the outro rather than strum it… does anyone have an idea for the tab?
    stay alive frens|-/

  • Caroline |-/ says:

    You must not forget to scream JOSH DUN while singing this song
    If you do not scream JOSH DUN there is something wrong with you and you need to go to the meme hospital to get help.
    Maybe a classy Tyler Joseph can help you.
    Stay street frens,
    Caroline |-/

  • caylymizak says:

    ooph clique ouch
    Yes you’re original yes you’re loved yes you love yes you have your own thoughts and opinions
    Sometimes you gotta keep it to yourself though
    lol okay goodnight everybody

  • Lol ur not josh dun says:

    Twenty one pilots not 21 pilots for the people spelling it completely wrong

  • GrAcE says:

    Does anyone have a strum pattern? I’m too lazy to look at the comments.Too much hate.

    • DentedWave says:

      The Intro is







    I love playing ukulele and TØP (obviously) and I have no idea what the strumming pattern is!
    And just saying why are you all doing 21 pilots when it is supposed to be Twenty Øne Piløts

  • Ukelele newbie says:

    Guys as my name suggest im a newbie , can someone rwply whats ia the strumming pattarn on each artbthanks everyone

  • I RESPECT TØP says:

    Oh my gosh I love this website and all the comments because everyone is a twenty one pilots fan and literately no one at my school knows their songs so this is nice. I started playing ukulele about a year ago and I looove this song. And I’m seeing a lot of JOSH DUN. I can’t hear it tho!

  • susana says:

    I believe the strumming pattern for the intro is:

    Am F C Dm

    Am F C

    at least that’s how I do it, I’ve played it like that along with the song and it sounds correct

    for the pre-chorus I do:

    Em Bm Dm G

    it goes pretty fast and the transition from an Em to Bm at that speed is pretty hard, so single downstrokes is fine


    F C G Am

    F C G Am

    F G C Am



    you kinda drag the last F out, that’s why the strumming is a bit longer than the previous chords. you stop strumming for a second to sing “take me” with no uke and it sounds v cool trust me. also as you’re dragging the F out, make sure to gradually decrease your volume so when you stop strumming and sing “take me” it sounds EVEN COOLER

    okay continuing on

    for the nanananas just do the intro strumming pattern again

    for the three lights are lit but the fourth one’s out part (aka the second verse) it’s pretty simple. you just do single hard downstrokes and try to mute Am and C immediately after you play them. after you play F and Dm, go immediately into the following chord.

    Am F C Dm
    DD (mute) D DD (mute) D

    that’s for the rapping part, and you can do it for the whole verse, but I do that strumming pattern up until “so I head out down a route I think is heading south.” when it starts at “but I’m not good with directions and I hide behind my mouth”, I do the intro strumming pattern, but rapping while doing a semi-complicated strumming pattern is p hard, so you can obviously just keep doing the strumming pattern that I just explained.



    for the third verse (I think it’s the third verse), “I don’t know if this song is a surrender or a revel”, I do the same strumming pattern as the second verse, but on the Dm, you do 3 hard downstrokes super fast, and immediately go into the Am again:

    Am F C Dm
    DD (mute) D DD (mute) DDD

    as you’re finishing that whole thing and you’re doing the final “I don’t know if this one is about me or the devilllllll” the Dm drags out for like a while. listen to the original song and you’ll figure out what I’m trying to say, this part is the hardest for me because it’s a bunch of hard downstrokes followed by soft and I’m not sure for how many measures it drags out

    continuing on

    after it’s like hardcore bass and music after “I don’t know if this one is about me or the devil” it goes super slow and soft and he sings “oooooooooooh”

    so the strumming pattern for the slow “oooooh” part is:

    Am F C G

    so it’s the same as the pre-chorus but it’s 1000x slower. there’s a pause between the first downstroke and the second downstroke of about 1.5 – 2 seconds

    after the ooooooohs, he goes back into the chorus but it’s way slower and the “set me free” is lower. it’s the same strumming pattern as the ooooooohs, just in a slightly different progression:

    F C G Am

    F C G Am

    F G C A


    it’s the same chord progression as the chorus, obviously, just a different strumming pattern, and the same drag out on the last F

    so after the slow chorus part, there’s a semi-fast piano(?) part. and it’s just piano, then the drums come in again, so the strumming pattern for JUST THE PIANO IS:

    F C G Am

    you play that once

    and also, after the slow chorus and after you drag out the F, there’s about a 4 second pause before the piano part

    after the piano part, the drums come in, so the strumming pattern for the DRUMS AND PIANO IS:

    F C G Am

    from the piano part to the piano AND drum part, you go continue playing and immediately go from the first strumming pattern to the next

    after the drum part, he starts singing nananana again, and it’s still the same strumming pattern as the intro, just with a slightly different progression and a new chord:

    F C G Am

    F C G

    no Dm, you play that once, immediately after the drum part

    after that, it’s just the chorus again, up until the end of the song:

    F C G Am

    you play that 4 times, and that’s the end of the song. to end the song, after the final DDUUDU on Am, I play a single downstroke of F and let it ring out :)

    so yeah. this took me about an hour to type out and I’m praying that someone sees it.

    I tried my best to explain it, if you’re confused please DM me on @mychemicalroamance on Instagram, I’ll be glad to help, either by explaining or sending a video.

  • Tyler the bean says:

    Um… okay (that was said like ten times)

  • Tyler the bean says:


  • Tyler the bean says:

    btw i looked at that with my friends NONE of us read it all the way don’t write so much don’t wanna be rude sorry if I offend you

  • Tyler the bean says:

    Um… okay

  • Tyler the bean says:

    I went over that with my friends none of us read it all at once so just don’t write so much ( I don’t wanna offend you if I did I’m SUPER sorry’-‘ :) thx)


    Sup guys I got the strumming paddern now so thx you all that are here (I was confused with the dental care thing) but it was SUPER helpful so thx :D XD

  • Music ukulele grl123 says:


  • Melanie's Panic! As she flees her chemical house of gold says:

    Hey TØP fans

  • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

    Why’s there no easier version! I transposed to all of them and they were all hard for a beginner!

  • DentedWave says:

    The Intro is

    Am F

    C Dm

    Am F

    D DU UDU UDU UDU you had the strumming pattern out
    just space it next time or use
    commas in between them like

  • DentedWave says:

    The Intro is





    you had the strumming pattern out
    just space it next time or use
    commas in between them like



  • Uncomfortably_Close_Stranger says:

    4:25 – “JOSH DUNN!” I was too early…twice. In the same try.*_*

  • Pepper says:

    I love this song!!!!!!! sooooooo great!!!!

  • UmbrellaPower says:

    Can anyone suggest a good strumming pattern? I’m having a hard time finding an easy enough beginners one for this song.

  • whoa says:

    absolutely love this song. i can now play the whole song and i am gonna do a cover of it at some point. thank you so much for these chords!!

  • Eli says:

    I haven’t listened to twenty one pilots in forever, but I’m getting back into them and I’m glad this is here.

  • Moomooshirleyukuppl says:

    Can y’all like shutup plz about the josh dun thingy, alright? I know, it’s the “best part” of the song for some of y’all, but ya don’t have to make such a big fuss out of it, Kay, y’all? SUPER annoying trying to find the bottom of the comment page to find out an ‘actual’ strumming pattern that ‘actually’ works unlike y’all dumb nonsense down up down up one’s. Just chill, Kay? Jezzuuussss

  • Moomooshirleyukuppl says:

    Btw y’all, my stupid random auto generated icon thingy looks like a man’s down there. Please fix this ukutabs.com

  • Moomooshirleyukuppl says:


  • big d daddy says:

    so whats up with pineapples yeah? it burns, it burns my mouth…i think i juts might be allergic to pineapples, oof-

  • ØmarVizquel says:

    JOSH DUN!!

  • BPMagicUnicorn says:

    I liked this song

  • Cutielife says:

    I love this to practice

  • Ukelover says:

    Perfect chords Thaaaaankssss


    this is my frens favorite top song

  • liz says:

    strumming pattern?

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