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Intro -x2-: GbmGbm chord EE chord AA chord AA chord
           GbmGbm chord          EE chord   AA chord
We don't believe what's on TV
              GbmGbm chord    EE chord       AA chord
Because it's what we want to see
            GbmGbm chord          EE chord           AA chord
And what we want we know we can't believe
            GbmGbm chord        EE chord        AA chord
We all have learned to kill our dreams
  BmBm chord
I need to know 
     GbmGbm chord                        AA chord         A7A7 chord
That when I fail you'd still be here.... mmmm
      BmBm chord                        DD chord 
Cause if you stick around, I'll sing you pretty sounds 
               EE chord
And we'll make money selling your hair
DbDb chord                  DD chord 
I don't care what's in your hair
         AA chord                       EE chord
I just wanna know what's on your mind
  DbDb chord                  DD chord
I used to say I wanna die before I'm old
    AA chord                            EE chord
But because of you I might think twice
-Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!-
Interlude -x2-: GbmGbm chord EE chord AA chord AA chord
           GbmGbm chord        EE chord   AA chord
What if my dream does not happen?
             GbmGbm chord              EE chord       AA chord
Would I just change what I've told my friends?
              GbmGbm chord      EE chord       AA chord
Don't want to know who I would be
            GbmGbm chord       EE chord         AA chord
When I wake up from a dreamer's sleep
  BmBm chord
I need to know 
     GbmGbm chord                        AA chord        A7A7 chord
That when I fail you'd still be here... mmmm
      BmBm chord                        DD chord 
Cause if you stick around, I'll sing you pretty sounds 
               EE chord
And we'll make money selling your hair
DbDb chord                  DD chord 
I don't care what's in your hair
         AA chord                       EE chord
I just wanna know what's on your mind
  DbDb chord                  DD chord
I used to say I wanna die before I'm old
    AA chord                            EE chord
But because of you I might think twice
DbDb chord                  DD chord 
I don't care what's in your hair
         AA chord                       EE chord
I just wanna know what's on your mind
  DbDb chord                  DD chord
I used to say I wanna die before I'm old
    AA chord                            EE chord
But because of you I might think twice
-Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!-
Outro -x2-: GbmGbm chord EE chord AA chord AA chord

This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research.


  • Trevor Isaac ukuton says:

    If any one was wondering he does a little riff before the Gbm which goes 4th frett on the E string to the 2nd pluck the 2nd frett again then play the next two strings in the Gbm chord going up stum and the move to E chord the. A . It sounds nice . Btw nice tab :)

    • human ukulele says:

      yeah so the riff starts from the A string 2nd fret, slide to the 4th and back to 2nd fret. then just pluck the A string by itself (0) and then the E string on the 2nd fret. its kinda fast but if you practice it and also watch him in the video then you should be fine

    • rip.pluto says:

      Hi, if you search triggerwarningrat on YouTube, he just did a cover of this song (including this weird plucking thing), and did a tutorial at the end. He clearly explains the plucking so it’s really easy to learn!

    • aliesland says:

      Keep practcin’ that E y’all.

  • ceilingfansidlehands says:

    This is so spot on–thank you for this!!

  • twentyonesophia says:

    transpose +3 for a maybe easier version

  • Lucas C says:

    If you want an easier E chord you can bar the 4th fret and use your pinky finger to play the a chord on the 7th fret.

    • Liv says:

      My hand gets very uncomfortable when playing the E chord so i use E7 instead, it doesn’t really sound different and is super easy to play :)

    • dutchess(duke sounds better but yay for originality) of ukes says:

      you can also play it with your index finger on the g string first fret, middle finger on the a sting second fret, and then just mute the c string.

  • xxx3mollamaxxx says:

    for anyone having trouble -2 is good with a capo on fret 1

  • Sunshine464 says:

    +3 is an easier way to play it :)

  • Teresa Sanchez says:

    For the little pick he does after the “but because of you I might think twice” part.. I like to pick the A string on the 5th frett and it sounds pretty much like how the song does.

  • Username* says:

    With no transposition, you should actually pluck the 7th fret of the A string instead of the 5th after the last, “But because of you I might think twice.”

  • Username* says:

    Nope, totally got that wrong. The tab is upside down though so I read it wrong, A should be on top, then E, C, and G on the bottom.

    So you could play either the 5th fret of the A string like is written, or the 7th fret of the G string.

  • Berry says:

    +3 is super easy!

  • Username* says:

    For the first “And we’ll make money selling your hair.” part, if you play E7 when he says “hair” it sounds better.
    Also, it’s better to use B7 when “Cause if you stick around” is sung instead of the Bm chord.

  • Cather says:

    What does -2 mean?

    • armedtruths says:

      actually it means you’re going down 2 steps on the chromatic scale, and one chromatic scale starts at one note, for example, C, and then goes all the way up to the C that is one octave above it. So for example 2 steps above C would go like this: C –> C# –>D. going down two octaves would be high C–>middle C–> low C.
      Source: nine years of music lessons

  • Twentyonepepes says:

    I love it! Really on point just had some trouble doing the e chord

  • smolnarwhal says:

    so in the +3 transpose i like to replace the C7 with Adim

  • Gai says:

    Absolutely love this tab <3 I love playing along to this song!

  • g0nerr says:

    -2 with a capo on the second fret works really well

  • Hi I'm new says:

    Trevor, could you dumb that down for us newbies? Lots of pictures would be great.

  • woycy89 says:

    If you have heard the live version of the song, then before he plays the Gbm, he plays the 4th fret of the A string then the 2nd fret of the A string and then the A string open and then the E string open. If you want you can slide from the 2nd fret to the 4th fret to make it sound exactly ho he plays it in the recording. Hope this helps

  • Ukulele says:

    I’m having trouble with E. Any suggestions?

  • Hush puppy says:

    Most of you don’t make sense!
    I like to play Gbm and the G to C.
    The first chord(which is Gbm) is pretty important because kinda tells everyone.
    “Listen up, I about to blow your mind”
    Ya know?

  • Username* says:

    Before gbm andinstead of the 2nd A i slide from 2nd fret to 4th on your 1st string then pluck back into 2nd fret then pluck 2nd string 2nd fret

  • erikauku says:

    if you transpose +3 then change the E to Am its much easier and sounds great.

  • twentyoneukeleles says:

    love this song so much! So easy and fun on +3

  • Lulularar says:

    In place of E might I suggest trying 4402, it’s easier and sounds similar :)

  • Username* says:

    the single note is a D

  • katk says:

    if you’re having trouble with the E chord use 1×02 its much easier

  • kassielover2871 says:

    -2 is good

  • top says:

    on the interlude i like to mute when the yeahs would be it sounds nice

  • Anna says:

    i went to +3 and changed the e to em

  • devyn says:

    in the middle of the verses it sounds like he’s playing a different chord than gbm? maybe i’m wrong but i wanted to put that out there

  • Siân says:

    I agree with Lucas, use the bar version of E. It sounds better and is easier to trasition to and from

  • hemmo1996 says:

    If you’re having trouble with e, just switch to Am it’s just as good

    Also +3 is easy for beginners

  • Dorito says:

    *dorito noises*

  • moist slab says:

    +3 is easier and sounds great too

  • alex says:

    use E7 if ur having trouble with E

  • cordylol says:

    i find either +3 is easier (but it sounds a lot like riptide) or even better is -2 :)

  • panichowell says:

    what does +3 mean??

  • Gabe234 says:

    thanks twentyonesophia that works well

  • zoey.desmond says:

    if you pluck Gbm (like a super slow strum) and then do one quick strum for all of the notes (you repeat Gbm after the slow strum) it sounds kinda like an acoustics ish version

  • KatieF13 says:

    I’ve transposed it to +3, but I have no idea what it’s saying in the interlude. I can’t read that, so if anyone could help, that’d be brilliant!

  • Aisido says:

    the riff:
    e———2–2——-4—————— then just repeat and go on to the chords
    (just gbm) (just a)

  • nhf7rbtogyhi;jn'mkl;,l says:

    inbvrbf tiuyniyvcedfigouhi;

  • VictoriaGrace06 says:

    i think the e is a little bit to hard but i will deal with it but if somebody could change it

    • phoebe says:

      sorry its late! lol
      but an easier way to play the E chord is to bar the top 3 strings on the 4th fret (i use my thumb) and play the second fret on the A string. Hope this helps!!

      • ukulelepianoguy says:

        a little tip to make it even easier is bar the 4th fret and press the 7th fret of the A string with your pinky ;)

  • .penguin.67. says:

    Perfect! Thank you for making this

  • me says:

    what’s an easier way to play Db?

  • Tessa :) says:

    +3 is more accurate in general, and it’s actually easier, but I would recommend playing Em instead of E. It sounds nicer and is probably what it is supposed to be

  • twenty paphonies says:

    this is so fun to play! :D

  • :) says:

    I prefer +3 but then I also use Am instead of E. It sounds 10/10

  • squaredoritos says:

    Instead of the way they show the E here I just do second fret on the A string and fourth fret on the G C and E strings. Both sound good.

  • pentapilots |-/ says:

    this was so easy!! thank you so so much!!

  • YourBoyGuzma says:

    What is that last little interlude thing? I’m kind of new to ukulele and I don’t think I’ve ever seen it.

  • Emily says:

    TO make this song easier, you can play it Am – G – C.

  • @reeldearmedia on ig says:

    Hey! I love the tab; few minor changes:
    Before the GBM in the acoustic version he plays

    And he plays the e by barring the 4th fret and playing the 7th fret on the a string

  • Alex says:

    If you lower the key -2 and then put a capo on the second fret that’s how it’s originally played, because he lifts his finger off the D chord on “mind” and “twice” intentionally making noise

  • Kat says:

    ok first things first, a very easy way to do the little riff thing is, 4th fret A, 2nd fret A, and open A, followed straight away by the chord, Gbm, so its like da da da *chord*… also, when it goes “but because of you i might think twice, after that, pluck your A string on 5th fret, because it sounds like the song. also my strum pattern for the verses is the riff at speed as ive described here, then *slowly* d,u (change) d,u (change) d,u (change) Riff (repeat etc) then for the pre-chorus, i go into standard DDUUDU, then for the chorus i go into one strum per chord.

  • Kat says:

    actually i lied, DDUDUDU will work for the “yeah yeah yeah” bit, and the prechorus if you want it to lol

  • Capes102 says:

    so you can use E7 instead of E. it sounds alright in my opinion.

  • Jon says:

    Intro riff

  • DES says:

    Does this sound like Morrisey’s “Half a Person” to anyone else?

  • Bahb says:

    I’m playing this in class xD

  • pixxe03 says:

    Personally, i prefer an e7 to an e. Its so much easier and sounds more angelic and perky. Obviously thats not a very tøp sound but it makes the ‘and we’ll make money selling your hair’ more humorous

  • GabbyAlexandrea says:

    -3 is much easier and they are the same chords for riptide so you can do a mashup

    • Ms. Believer says:

      This is true, except Riptide by Vance Joy only includes Am, G, and C.
      Other than that, you do have a mashup, my friend!
      Keep on playing.
      Ms. Believer

  • ellie says:

    Hey guys I found that if you capo the 1st fret and transpose +3 it sounds really nice too!! Oh, also someone else suggested to play E7 instead of regular E and that also sounds quite lovely too

  • greendaytrash says:

    Guys I know you all are transposing because of the dreaded e chord. If you are like me and this is all pretty easy except for the e just play e7, it sounds almost the exact same just a teeny tiny bit lower. It still sounds good. The way you play it is one finger on the first string of the first fret, one finger on the second string of the second fret, and one finger on the fourth string of the second fret.

  • Sheri-chan says:

    If you are play +3, i find it easier to play Em unstead of E because i dont have long fingers to play an E, plus i think it sound sweeter and more innocent.

  • Ms. Believer says:

    I recommend +3 for beginners, and really anyone who wants a lovely sound, easy key, and easy chords. To make this even better, change the E to an E7, it’s much easier, and your fingers won’t die in the process.
    Best of luck!

  • Lovergirl133 says:

    This is perfect! Though you can use Em instead of E. I love it

  • yep says:

    If anyone is having trouble with the e just hold down all the strings on the fourth fret that’s how Tyler Joseph does it if you watch any videos of him playing it and it sounds exactly the same :))

  • mackincheese100 says:

    A good strumming pattern is DDUUDU!

  • cactigod says:

    on +3 if E is too difficult Em sounds good instead :)

  • lani says:

    okay i need help! lmao, so i just started learning how to play uke and since i hate myself i decided to dive into wdbwotv first and whats like the pattern? up down up down or?? pls help a helpless beginner

    • intpmadness says:

      The strumming pattern is DDUUDU, if I’m not mistaken.

      And don’t worry! Everyone else here is or was a beginner at some point. There is however a YouTube channel called “The Ukulele Teacher” where they go a little more in-depth using a visual tutorial and and easy to follow explanation for each song. I’d recommend subscribing, as the channel has helped me out greatly when I was still getting the hang of playing ukulele (And even now!).

      Here’s a link to his tutorial for “We Don’t Believe What’s On TV”. This is just one of many others he has on the channel. Good luck and happy strumming!

  • Rudyikea says:

    HOW THE HECK DO YOU DO THE RIFF THING IT MAKES NO SENSE TO ME WHAT,DO I DO! Also how do you know where to go because if I just pluck the a string once it makes no sense please help me because all the stuff I have read makes no sense :(

  • PieWarrior55 says:

    Can anyone help me with this part? I don’t really get it, I’m new at playing the ukulele.

    • intpmadness says:

      Each letter represents one string on the ukulele, with G being the one closest to you, and A closest to the ground.

      As for the 5, this just means you put your finger on the fifth fret of the A string, and pluck it.


      I hope this helps! Have fun and good luck!

    • Help says:

      Basically, what you do is just pluck the bottom string (A) once on the fifth fret. That’s it. Don’t fret :)

  • Tasu says:

    Change Am to F in the lines
    “and what we want we know we can’t believe, we have all learned to kill our dreams”
    and “Don’t wanna know what I would be, when I wake up from a dreamers sleep”

  • Anastaja Nuñez says:

    If you pluck 4-2-0 on the A sting in the verses right before the Gbm it sounds rly cool
    Hope it’s helpful

  • Angst says:

    As far as I can tell, the riff goes as follows:

    C:———-1-x-4-x-1—– (x2)
    Gbm E A

    The chords above played like {down, up, mute} {down, up, mute} {down, up, down, up}

    Hope that helps :)

  • EmoSurfer says:

    An even easier way to play E is E7, it sounds better than Em in my opinion. To play it is 1-2-0-2

  • seahorsemonkey says:

    the interlude should actaully be 7 instead of 5

  • becca says:

    The little “oh’s” tyler does would be played as

    A: 4-6-2-4————4-6-2-4—————–
    E: ————–2-4-0————2-0—-2-4-0
    C: ———————————————
    G: ——–1-1-4—————-1——1-4——

  • ali says:

    if you’re having trouble with E put your three fingers on the first three strings of the fourth fret

  • I forgot my name says:

    Anyone have better tabs for the ending? Bc I’m pretty sure he does more than just one pluck.

  • OddLilDuck says:

    +3 sounds way better in my opinion

  • blurryface at the disco says:

    for an alternative to E just do Em. it sounds fine.
    Em is A—-2——————

    • blurryface at the disco says:

      ^^all of the tab is supposed to line up^^ play all of the 2,3,4,0 at the same time (this works for +3. i didnt try it with anything else)

  • blurryface at the disco says:

    Am also works lol

  • Mia says:

    If you are just now learning to play the uke and want a super easy version, just do the chord pattern Am, G, C and repeat for the entire song. It actually sounds really good and makes learning the song so much faster.

  • cyncity says:

    UDU UU UDU UU i found to be a good strumming pattern for the stanza: We don’t believe whats on tv; I need to know.

  • Ami says:

    Does algo me know that part before the “I don’t care whats in your hair?”

  • twenty one pilots fan says:

    Any helpful tips on Db? My hands are too small to reach

  • Melanie Martinez says:

    Can somebody at least tell me what the diagram for the interlude is called so I can look up how to read it and if you feeling nice tell me how to read it pretty plz

  • amelia says:

    if anyone is having trouble playing the E chord, you can just put your thumb across the first three strings on the fourth fret and use your index finger on the second fret of the fourth string!

  • Grace says:

    I have trouble fingering D anything I substitute for it.

  • Maximum Pufferfish says:

    How would you do the little riff at the beginning if you’re playing +3?

    • rotten says:

      you could play it two different ways: if you want the higher sound, you play it
      A:-7-5-3 then Am G C
      for a lower sound and easier playing, you can do
      E: -0—-
      C: —2-0 then Am G C
      hope this helps!

  • Dillan says:

    Is there anything else that I could play instead of Db?

  • ameliamak says:

    +3 is much easier and still sounds great and if you struggle with the e changing it to e minor works mostly or a minor :)

  • rotten says:

    so when tyler plays the acoustic/sleepers version, some of the chords are a bit different. he plays E in the acoustic version of this song by barring the 4th fret and putting his pinky finger on the A string, 7th fret. when he plays the A7, he plays it normally but adds his pinky on the A string 4th fret, making the A a higher C#. this part was a little harder to tell, but i think his Bm is a barred second fret with his middle finger on the C string, 3rd fret (which is really B7/A), and the D is just the entire second fret barred (D6/A). at the end of “we’ll make money selling your hair” he plays his E, then switches to E7 by removing his pinky and putting his middle finger on the 5th fret. for Db, he keeps the fourth fret barred, and uses his middle finger to press the C string, 5th fret, and his ring finger goes on the G string, 6th fret. to switch to the alt. D, he just moves his entire hand up a fret. he finishes the chorus by strumming once on his alt. E7. hope this helps someone! |-/

    • youruncleviv says:

      Wow, this is amazing and I admire your dedication, time, and observance to put all this together. It sounds great and I appreciate what you did. Thank you! |-/

  • blue says:

    I use DD UDU and +3, it’s really easy and sounds pretty good :)

  • Taylor says:


  • mia roass says:

    does anyone have an easier way to plan an e. i have very small hands so i cant reach the frets that i need to

    • Grace McGirt says:

      I personally put my pointer finger on the ‘a’ string, second fret, and then hold down the ‘g’ ‘c’ and ‘e’ strings with my ring finger on the fourth fret, but if you need more help, then look up “easy ways to play the e chord” on youtube \(^o^)/

  • TaxiCabHometown says:

    This is really difficult for me but I love playing it!!!!! |-/

  • KatieAndJoshDun says:

    This is the song that got me used to the E chord! I’m happy i’m able to play it, and i’m happy I found twenty one pilots cause they mean everything to me now |-/

  • OWEN says:

    Difficulty level 10/10

  • |Glowing-Slow/ says:

    If anyone heard the Acoustic by Warner, You’ll know that he does a little riff before a few parts, and I looked closely and I think I got it. I found two ways both of which sound great.

    The way to do number one is pick 4th fret A string, 2nd fret A String, Open string A, And then second fret E, and then strum Gbm once.

    The way to do number two is to do number one, but instead of doing the E at the end, do the chord Gbm two times.


    • |Glowing-Slow/ says:

      Actually I’m wrong. I have everything here:

      We Don’t Believe Whats on TV (Warner Acoustics)
      Intro x6
      Pre chorus x1
      Chorus x2 (Last time add E7)
      Intro x2
      Gbm E A x2
      Pre chorus x1
      Single strum Chorus x2 (Last time add E7)
      Chorus x2 (Last time add E7)
      Intro x3


      Pre chorus = Bm Gbm A C#dim B7 Bm7 A* E E7
      Chorus = C# D A E (E7)

      So for the intro its on A string pick 2nd fret and slide up to fourth, then pluch second again. Do an open pick on A string, and then pick 2nd fret E string.

  • DerpyStrummer says:

    Another way to play E is by holding the top 3 strings with your ring finger on the 4th fret and then holding down the bottom string with your index finger on the second fret. That sounds harder and it seems harder at first but I personally find the transition to be easier
    Also, on Db I found it easier if I bar the first fret with my index finger and on the 4th fret I use my pinky then with my middle and ring finger I push down on my palm. I think it helps tighten the grip for the chord.

  • tøpphan says:

    Transpose +3 is a lot easier. Also if your beginning or just struggling to play E I just mute the c string and play everything else normally

  • TwentyOneJoshDuns says:

    Any one having trouble with E last one i think is easiet
    -Bar the 4th fret
    and put your finger of the 7th fret
    -or you can ring middle finger,ring finger, and pinky on the fourth fret then put your index finger on the second string
    -the less “traditional” but the easiest im my opinon way to play is do the same thing for the 2nd one but instead of your middle finger , ring finger, and pinky place your thumb on G C E (4th fret) and your index finger on 2nd fret A

  • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

    For the chorus I did F Am C G, F Am G C

    Like so:
    F Am. C. G. F
    I don’t care what’s in your hair, I just wanna know what’s on your mind, I used to say I
    Am. C. G
    wanna die before I’m old, but because of you, I might think twice

    It’s just one D strum for each. I hope this helps, and it sounds slightly off but I think it fits the song. Stay street, stay clique, stay alive, for me. l-/

  • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

    Shoot, I’m sorry but the chords aren’t in the original places I write them in. It’s F above I, Am above in, C above wanna, G above mind, F over used, Am over die, C above because, G over twice. Thanks again, frens! ✌️

  • Fantasy_Kid says:

    Love this song

  • godhatesteph says:

    I actually learned it way faster and easier as +3 and it also sounds really good!! :D

  • 21pilots says:

    Is there anything I could do instead of Dm?

  • UkeTunz says:

    My fingers are lokey to fat to play some of the cords

  • Yasmincs says:

    +3 is really easy ( if you have Some trouble playing the E chord, change it to a EM )

  • Mwhahaha says:

    Silly soprano players with their E while I’m over here playing Bari Uke

  • Emo Kack says:

    +3 is best and easiest

  • Ukuman says:

    You left out the ending part. Just saying though cause I can just repeat the last chords over and over again till the song ends.

  • Kat |-/ says:

    To do the E chord the easy way that sounds exactly the same (I’ve tried it) You do this simple trick; look at your hand upwards the last three fingers (right) should go on the G C E fourth fret then your pointer finger should go on A string second fret. Also to do that cool little riff or whatever that Tyler does you put your finger on A string second fret pluck the string and slide it down to the third fret then back up to the second once you get back up to the second fret pluck it again but don’t move then just pluck the A string with no fingers on it then put your finger on the E string second fret then pluck that and voila! keep practicing and I hope that made sense lol. Stay Alive Frens |-/

  • (Nick)Name says:

    If you do +3 and change E to Em then it sounds good and it’s really easy. The strumming pattern I used was just a loop of DUDUDUDUDUDUDU-

  • Jamie says:

    Transpose it to -2 for a way easier version. Just put a capo on the second fret, it’ll still sounds amazing!

  • Panic!AtMyChemicalPilots says:

    Everyone’s talking about how hard E is and the alternatives…. What about C#??? XD

    the struggle.

  • ChalupaLoompa says:

    If you really can’t get the verses (I can’t seem to it doesn’t sound right to me) you can replace the three chords with Am, G, C. Plus, if you play it slow, it should also sound like Riptide from Vance Joy. Hope this helps :D

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