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Verse -a capella-:
Oh Ms. Believer, my pretty sleeper.
Your twisted mind is like snow on the road.
Your shaking shoulders prove that it's colder,
Inside your head, than the winter of death.

C               F Am
I will tell you, I love you.
        F             C         Am         G
But the muffs on your ears will cater your fears.
C                    F          Am
My nose and feet are running as we start
   F              C     Am          G
To travel through snow. Together we go.

F C Am G           F C Am G
      -Together we go -echo--

 F       Am C G
 We get colder,
    F        Am C G
 As we grow older.
 F        Am C G
 We will walk
 F        Am C G
 So much slower.

Interlude: F C Am G F C Am G

 C                F         Am
 Oh Ms. Believer, my pretty weeper.
 F            C                 Am          F   G
 Your twisted thoughts are like snow on the rooftops.
C                           F          Am
 Please take my hand, we're in foreign land
       F              C       Am        G
 As we travel through snow. Together we go.

F C Am G           F C Am G
      -Together we go -echo--

 F       Am C G
 We get colder,
    F        Am C G
 As we grow older.
 F        Am C G
 We will walk
 F        Am C G
 So much slower.

Outro -x4-: F Am C G

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  1. I always mess up by doing the strumming pattern but saying one word for all the strumming?

  2. fattynerdyorange

    DDDD all the way works too i think

  3. Triggerfish

    i strum DDUDDU slowish

  4. thefangirlplays

    I used the strumming pattern DUXDD for everything but the verses. I used DD for the verses.

  5. I modified the plucking pattern a little to fit the melody better, all played on the A string:
    3 5 7 10 7—–5 3 7 5 3 0—-3 5 7 10—-3 5 7 5
    I’m not sure how to write the rhythms, but you all know how the song goes!

  6. wesleyshay.05

    sounds great with a capo in the first fret!!

    • I do DUX but I’m also extremely beginner and guessing that X means mute. But idk how to properly mute so I just hit the strings

  7. wesleyshay.05

    the Am F G version sounds great with a capo on the first fret

  8. Why do u need to know my name?

    At the beginning and in the middle of verses I use like D(C)DDU(F)D(Am)
    But specifically I use DDU-D-
    (I don’t speak English very well but I hope it helps u))

  9. For the chorus do down down up up down up the Island strum and for everything else do down repeatedly and when the note changes go up

  10. Galaxieswithstars

    Strumming pattern?

  11. Begginer

    It do not get the whole -# things too! I need help!

    • u h hh meme

      well,i didnt get it at first,but its kinda like a song changer for people with lower or higher vocals,and the Transposes make them easier?- im not so sure.

  12. Juantokillmyself

    For the strumming pattern I just go down and then up once before you switch chords

  13. IhøpeIcan help

    If you want the end picking pattern, I found an easier alternative which sounds kinda better(in my opinion). It’s all on the A string and you just have to slide.


    • I love this so much!! I changed the end to be:


      Which I really like and is easier for me as a newbie, but yours sounds so great!! Thank you for changing it up, I was getting stuck on that end tab!

  14. idiotphanboy

    this is so pretty!! it’s also very cute if you put a capo on the first fret!

  15. maggie_a718

    If you want to finger pick the melody during the song or that first a capella verse, do this twice (only works for verses):
    A —————————————0—————————————–
    E ——0——-0———-0———————–0——————-0———
    C 0-2————-2-0——–2-0———0-2————-0-2————-2—
    G ———-0——————————————–0————————-

    ((Sing an octave below the A when it comes around))

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