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Intro -x2-:  Bb F Gm Eb

Bb    F   Gm    F            Bb
Open the slits in your face 

          F       Gm      Eb
and start your day
Bb              F        Gm      Eb           Bb
You don't have much time to make your slits 
         F     Gm
look just right

Bb F Gm
I'm in your mind

Bb F Gm
I'm singing

Bb F Gm
I'm in your mind

Bb F Gm
I'm singing 

Eb     F     Gm    Bb     Eb     F     Bb
la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da da

F Gm F Bb F Gm F

Bb       F   Gm         Eb         Bb              F      Gm
Look in the mirror and ask your soul if you're alright
Bb       F   Gm           F    Bb          F     Gm   Eb
Put out the glitter that your soul hides behind

Bb F Gm
You're in my mind

Bb F Gm
I'm singing

Bb F Gm
You're in my mind

Bb F Gm
    Eb       Eb     F     Gm    Bb     Eb     F     Bb
I'm singing la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da da

Bb F Gm Eb

F                 Eb Bb
Nowhere were they holy
F            Eb       Bb
Open up your eyes and see
F                     Eb    Bb
The clouds above will hold you
F          Eb          Bb
The clouds above will sing

F Gm Eb Bb F Gm Eb

Bb F Gm
And in your mind

Bb F Gm
    Eb          F     F     Gm    Bb     Eb     F     Bb
You're singing la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da la-da da
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  1. Alien balloons! at the disco

    Guys a fun variation is Cm Ab Eb Bb, and when you sing along start on Eb :)

  2. ayjayliks c o f f e e

    IM NOT CRYING YOURE CRYING!… oh wait.. you are crying too….. *hugss*

  3. -3 with a capo on the third fret sounds really good (and is easier for beginners than the original)

  4. indianaprusso

    you don’t need to play the Eb

  5. TaxiCabHometown

    Don’t cry everyone, craft.

  6. FrentotheBlurryfaces

    +2 is the easiest if you’re a beginner like me! l-/

  7. crazedpjofan

    I you mash this song with Friend Please, I promise you will cry.

  8. jish & tylr

    my freaking sister stole my ukulele so now i can’t play it someone pls kill her :-)

  9. I love this song so much but its always very emotional for me. I can’t play it with out crying. It sounds good on a uke.

  10. I write songs not tragidies

    I don’t know why, I guess because the song is so intimate, but this song is always the most emotional TOP song for me…

  11. The tab for the intro is:



    Hopefully that makes sense I’ve never written a tab on here before!

  12. djspookyjim

    its easier to do G,D,Em,C in my opinion, and i got the strumming pattern from listening to the song

  13. Josh Joseph

    Anyone know the strumming pattern?

    • what i like to do is take my thumb and index finger and repeatedly strum the first and last string consistently. like how the piano in the song alternates notes. then, once the song get more dramatic, i start strumming the whole thing but softly. kind of like car radio (if you’ve seen the aucoustic version) but all of the strings and not just G and A.


  15. Nonexistant

    I have been waiting for this song to be put on the list. It’s my absolute favourite song of all time.

  16. isabelrgarcia

    +2 is the easiest! x

  17. sh00keth

    I can’t play this whole song without crying, thank you for this!

  18. Spooky Alex

    I love it! Thank you so much!

  19. Spooky Alex

    I love it! Thanks so much!

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