Artist Panic! At The Disco
Album Death Of A Bachelor
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Intro: F A    Dm A   

           F         A   
There's no sunshine
       Dm             A   
This impossible year
     F              A   
Only black days and sky grey
    Dm             F7
And clouds full of fear
    Bb             Am
And storms full of sorrow
     Gm        A   
That won't disappear
     F            A   
Just typhoons and monsoons
       Dm       Eb
This impossible year
           Bb          D   
There's no good times
       Gm            D   
This impossible year
       Bb            D   
Just a beachfront of bad blood
      Gm             Bb7
And a coast that's unclear
        Eb            Dm
All the guests at the party
        Cm      D   
They're so insincere
          Bb          D   
They just intrude and exclude
       Gm       Ab
This impossible year

           Eb          G   
There's no you and me
       Cm             G   
This impossible year
     Eb            G   
Only heartache and heartbreak
    Cm          Eb7
And gin made of tears
    Ab            Gm
The bitter pill I swallow
    Fm         G   
The scars souvenir
     Eb           G   
That tattoo, your last bruise
       Cm       Db
This impossible year

There's never air to breathe
There's never in-betweens
      Fm                Eb               Bb
These nightmares always hang on past the dream

Eb G    Cm G   
Eb G    Cm Eb7
Ab Gm Fm G   
Eb G    Cm Eb7

           Eb        G   
There's no sunshine
           Cm          G   
There's no you and me
           Eb          G   
There's no good times
       Cm       Eb7
This impossible year
This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed.


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2020 in a nutshell

I just got so emo I fell apart

I wish that wasn’t as true as it is


too true. i was just listening to panic songs today and all of them exactly fit 2020’s description


Aw I used to love Panic! At the disco but I like heavier stuff now. This song brings back so many memories and it’s really fun to play on the ukulele.

Also let people complain, this is what the comments section is for amirite haha

I’m currently playing this song at +4, but B minor is a little difficult; don’t even get me started on D flat major!

It’s fun to sing too. This comment is way too long and too grammatically correct. Like, I used a freaking semi colon.

I’m bored now.



A possibly easier way to play Db:
G – 6th fret
C – 5th fret
E – 4th fret
A – 4th fret
(Basically a Bb on the 4th fret)
My cousin and I both use this way instead and it’s so much easier than the other way!

Vic Fuentes's Beanie

I freaking love your name!!


You guys are complaining about the song being too hard, but you won’t get better at playing if you don’t learn the hard things. You can do it, just practice and enjoy it :)


Okay- you know what? Some people are NEW to the ukulele and can’t go on to hard stuff if they don’t know basics. Secondly some people don’t wanna do finger gymnastics on the board and wanna take it easy so unless you’re some prodigy shut the hell up and let people transpose to make things easier cause you dont know everything


Don’t take it out on others just because you probably suck :D. You’re just to impatient to actually work to be better like they are. That was a positive comment cheering you on, you’re just to insecure that it makes you feel bad :).


More like thus impossible song ?

josh dun's hat

it was hard to hit the lower notes in the song, but I transposed it +2 and it really helped


rip my voice I can’t reach the low notes at the beginning or the end


Yeah. Brendon makes it look easy

Emo Rat thingy

I m a girl and its actually easy for me 0_0 idk how but yea

Impossible Year

What the heck that’s my name!?!?
But seriously the song is amazing don’t lie on that and it’s a bit challenging on ukulele


This is such a depressing song and I really needed it. I’m glad I found this.


Your username gives me LIFE


-3 is good for guitar


The last chord should be Gaug

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