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A            Asus2           A         Asus2
Our daydream spills from my gold head
Breaks free of my wooden neck
D               Dm
Left a nod over sleeping waves
A            Asus2          A       Asus2
Like bobbing bait for bathing cod
Floating flocks of candle swans
D              Dm
Slowly drift across wax ponds

A            Gbm             Dbm             Gbm
 The men all played along to marching drums
            Dbm          Gbm          E
And boy did they have fun behind the sea
          A        Gbm                Dbm             Gbm
They sang, “so our matching legs are marching clocks
          Dbm          Gbm          E
And we’re all too small to talk to god
           A            Gbm          E
Yes, we’re all too smart to talk to god"

A         Asus2              A              Asus2
Toast the fine folks casting silver crumbs
To us from the dock.
D                     Dm
Jinxed things ringing as they leak
A            Asus2           A        Asus2
Through tiny cracks in the boardwalk.
Scarecrow now it’s time to hatch
D                  Dm         -stop- A
Sprouting sons and ageless daughters.

A                G                            Em7
Those watermelon smiles just can’t ripen underwater

Just can’t ripen underwater

A            Gbm             Dbm             Gbm
 The men all played along to marching drums
            Dbm          Gbm          E
And boy did they have fun behind the sea
          A        Gbm                Dbm             Gbm
They sang, “so our matching legs are marching clocks
          Dbm          Gbm          E
And we’re all too small to talk to god
           A            Gbm          E
Yes, we’re all too smart to talk to god"
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  1. Here’s how I do the chords for the verses, rather than A and Asus2, I do A but put my pinky finger on the 4th fret of the A string, then for the other chord, the ring finger on the 2nd, like so:


    and then


    Not only is this easier, but I think it sounds way more accurate. Experimenting with these notes, you can also make it sound closer to the actual picking used in the song (especially going off the alternate version).

    G-2—2——2 2 2

    (Apologies for bad formatting, this is my first attempt)

  2. HeyVroItzAJ

    What does 4440 mean?

  3. Pizzamonster

    Replce Asus2 with Dsus2.

  4. Strumming pattern?

  5. I-just-really-like-bands! |-/

    The information at the bottom about Brendon and the band in general is so outdated!

  6. Caroline |-/

    I’m slightly triggered by the fact that this version doesn’t have waves of wooden legs in it, that’s the funnies part
    Also then you can’t do the wave arms
    If you don’t know what I’m talking about look up when they performed Behind The Sea in Norway on YouTube, it’s the funniest thing.

    • XD I searched it up just because I saw this comment. IT (insert italic) WAS (take italic away) FUN! Also, the first time I heard this song, in that waves of wooden legs part, I was already swinging my arms in the air :,)

  7. None of your bussiness

    I have some alternate fingerings for Asus2 and Dbm
    Asus2 – 4400 Dbm – 1104
    A—- A—4
    E—- E—-
    C—4 C1—
    G—4 G1—

  8. goner_with.a.pen_

    AhhhAhhHhhhhHh alternative fingering for Dbm please?! I have the whole song down ExEpT fOr tHat ChorD It’S KilLing Me InSide

  9. emo trash

    Okay I’m really sorry but it bothers me when the lyrics are wrong

    its supposed to be “a day dream spills from my corked head”

    Also before the watermelon smiles it’s supposed to say “don’t You Know” two

    Sorry if I sound annoying it just really bothers me ?

    • breadbin urin

      i think this is the “alternative version” so it doesn’t include brendon’s part or “waves of wood legs” but yea the lyric is wrong

  10. ava the pava

    and then also, for the other beginning riff [the second/main one] i do:

  11. ava the pava

    for the beginning riff i do:
    i hope this is formatted correctly because i’ve never had to write tabs out digitally. i hope this helped!! [if you think anything is wrong, do tell me]

    • ProbablyPanickingAtADiscoSomewhere

      hi! i know i’m responding pretty late to this (hehe… oops) but since i play guitar as well as ukulele, i use this for the beginning riff and repeat it four times before the first A chord strum:

      and i do pluck open G and A2 at the same time, to clear up any confusion! hope this helped! :D

  12. brendons forehead

    -2 is really good :)

  13. For the Riff/intro at the start I play Bm and then lift up the finger on the fourth fret first string and then pluck second fret first string and then pluck the first string open, then pluck the second fret of the second string, then play Dm, then I pluck the second fret first string and then puck the first string open hope this helped

  14. tylerarereter

    (for this part of the song)
    legs of wood waves

    Waves of wooden legs
    Waves of wooden legs

  15. Instead of Asus2 I use Amaj7 (1100) and it sounds just as good with the bonus of being super easy to play :^)

  16. Asus2 is easier if you bar the second fret and have a finger on the second string on the fourth fret and another finger on the third string on the fifth fret in my opinion.

  17. IsleOfFlightlessBirbs

    If Asus2 and Dbm are too hard you can just do regular A and D ?

    • @IsleOfFlightlessBirbs (btw lov ur name) you can play Dbm two other ways. Option 1: 1114. OR Option 2: 6444 (which sounds wAy betteR in my opinion than the other two alternatives for this particular song)

  18. Florabelle

    +3 is also way easier, and works if you have a higher pitched voice!

  19. ceilingfansidlehands

    (-2) is better in my opinion.

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