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G              Em         C         G
Allow me to exaggerate a memory or two
       C              G
Where summers lasted longer than
     Am             D Dsus4 D
Well longer than we do
     C              G
When nothing really mattered
          Am             Em
Except for me to be with you
       C               Am             G
But in time we all forgot and we all grew

         C             G
Your melody sounds as sweet
         Am               Em
As the first time it was sung
        C                G             D Dsus4 D
With a little bit more character for show
     C                G
And by the time your father's heard
   Am                    Em
Of all the wrong you've done
     C               Am
I'm putting out the lantern
          Am7           G
Find your own way back home

   G              Em
If I'd forgotten how to sing
   C               G
Before I sung this song
    C               G
I'd write it all across this wall
   Am              D Dsus4 D
Before my job is done
         C             G
And I'll even have the courtesy
     Am             Em
Of admitting I was wrong
       C              Am                G
As the final words before I'm dead and gone

C                       G
You've never been so divine
     Am              Em
In accepting your defeat
          C                G            D Dsus4 D
And I've never been more scared to be alone
    C            G              Am           Em
If love is not enough to put my enemies to sleep
    C                Am
I'm putting out the lantern
              Am7         G
Find your own way back home
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  2. i just enjoy ukuleles

    Sounds better with a capo on the first fret in my opinion.

  3. +5 sounds a lot better in my opinion and its easier if you are a beginner ;)

  4. And for “I’m putting out the lantern, find your own way back home,” instead of doing C, Am, Am7, G, I use C, G, D, G. :) that just sounds better to me.

  5. In my opinion, if you replace most of the Am’s with D’s, it sounds better :) but that’s just me

  6. am i the only one who feels that AM7 sounds weird, like its not the right chord?

  7. bowtiesfezes_are_cool

    In my opinion, you don’t even need the Dsus4 in there. If you find it uncomfortable, try simply continuing on through with D.

  8. i transposed to 5+ because thats a little bit easier for my voice

  9. does anyone know the strumming pattern for this song?

    • if you look at the text below it says that we can’t share strumming patterns, melodies or tempo, because of copyright reasons

    • In my personal opinion, I think DUD works really well for this song but that’s what works for me after playing along to it 7 times

  10. littlemosquito

    I agree with caromcmo and I also replace the A7 with a GBM and then the C instead of the G I personally think it sounds better

  11. ah this is so fun to play!

  12. Nope it does not ^^^^

  13. Ending this on a C instead of a G sounds good as well.

  14. panicatthepianos

    awesome song! It’s easier to play a Dsus2 instead of a Dsus4 if you’re having trouble with that and it sounds really cool too!!

  15. this song is way to fun to play i love it

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