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Intro: G

 G        B        C           G    Em   C   G
Now the night is coming to an end  -Ooo-ooo-ooh-
     G         B       C             G    Em   C   G
The sun will rise, and we will try again -Ooo-ooo-ooh-

 D           C              G
Stay alive, stay alive, for me
 D                 C                G
You will die, but now your life is free
Gb     Em      D       C     Cm    G
Take pride in what is sure - to - die

G       B         C     G     Em  C   G
I will fear the night again -Ooo-ooo-ooh-
   G        B      C     G      Em  C   G
I hope I'm not my only friend -Ooo-ooo-ooh-

 D           C              G
Stay alive, stay alive, for me
 D                 C                G
You will die, but now your life is free
Gb    Em       D       C     Cm   Em    C  G
Take pride in what is sure - to - die

Outro: Em  C  G
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  1. What I do is through the whole song I pluck G and A strings at the same time and then C and E strings at the same time but the last chord of the song I strum once.

  2. Twentyønepiløtsmakeuscry

    If you only strum downwards on each chord it sounds great. Also D instead of Gb works nicely

  3. theeighteenthpilot



    • theeighteenthpilot

      Strum up, up through whole song. I added C..G at the end-

      Stay alive, stay alive, for me

      – strum C down, up. & G down,up.

  4. Kai Can Levitate

    okay so when you play it, if you want it to sound more similar to the actual piano in the song, play it with the same chords but pluck 2-3-4-3 through the entire song :)

  5. I don’t claim to have ever written any ukelele songs or tabs, but I got a very basic plucking pattern down for the first line that you can replicate on similar verses. Make the shape of the chord with one hand and pluck strings in the order shown with the other. The strings of the ukelele are G-C-E-A and are numbered as 1 = G, 2 = C, 3 = E, and 4 = A. Pluck them to the beat of how Truce is played.

    Now the night is coming to an end
    2-3-4 (G) 2-3-4 (B) 2-3-4 (C) 2-3-4 (G)

    Ooh-ooh-ooh oooh-ooh-ooh ooh-ooh- ooh
    2-3-4 (Em) 2-2-3 (Em) 4 (C) 3-4 (G)

  6. Use D instead of Bb, as others have said. I’ve tried it before it’s a lot prettier.

  7. I think Gbm is better than Gb here, just try

  8. TØP Click RLUES

    D is better than Gb in two ways: 1 it sounds way better, 2 it is easier to play. Take my advice!

  9. mcr is dead

    i love this song so much but are there any replacements for Gb?

  10. BcawJoseph

    sounds nice if you strum down on all strings one by one then did C-E-C-E between each one.
    brings me to tears

  11. alexander.hamandswiss

    The Gb in the chorus sounds better when played as a D, but otherwise great tab!!! I’m playing it by plucking 2-3-4-2-2-3-4 on the chords but any way sounds beautiful :)


    Does anyone know the strumming pattern ??

  13. fairly local bean


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