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B chordC# chordEbm chordF# chordGbm chord

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EbmEbm chord   BB chord                         GbGb chord                        EbmEbm chord
I   know   where   you   stand,   silent   in   the   trees
       BB chord              GbGb chord                EbmEbm chord
and that's where I am, silent in the trees
       BB chord          GbGb chord                   EbmEbm chord
Why won't you speak where I happen to be? 
       BB chord       GbGb chord 
Silent in the trees, standing cowardly
GbGb chord     BB chord           EbmEbm chord             GbGb chord    DbDb chord      EbmEbm chord
I can feel your breath, I can feel my death
             BB chord                   GbGb chord           DbDb chord    
I want to know you, I want to see, I want to say
    EbmEbm chord     BB chord    GbmGbm chord 
Hello               Hello

This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research.


  • Rachbug5534 says:

    Love this song! I find that a step higher is easy and it laundry pretty good too!

  • lizziebee155 says:

    +6 is the easiest :)

    • Urienerd says:

      HI, I’m new here, what does +6 mean or anytime someone says +(number) or -(number)? thank you!

      • meow says:

        It means either that many half steps up or down, and sometimes for beginners it makes playing songs easier. To change key, go to the top of the page, underneath the artist where it says transpose and select which key you want to change it to (-# or +#.)

      • TheSadUkeStudent says:

        Hey! No worries! I am new too! And if you look at the top of the page, above where it shows the chords in the little information box, It has numbers like, -3 -2 -1 0 +1 +2 +3 when you click on one of these numbers, it will give you a different set of chords for the song, some of whick are easier. Hope that helps!

    • ArtsyUkelelist says:

      +6 is the best

  • Rachbug5534 says:

    For one step up, Gm doesn’t sound right. I just play a G

  • LittleMissGirlCat says:

    I wish that the rest of the song was here. This just has the beginning.

  • caspar says:

    if you transpose to -6 and put a capo on the first fret it sounds nice. doesn’t sound much different

  • Lizzy R. says:

    -1 with a capo on the first fret is pretty easy if tou want to play in the same key ad the original song.

  • Alden .-. says:

    Hey, it would be grand if you could leave a chord lyric thingy for “slowtown” by tøp thank you!!

  • Tryhwrdpunkuke says:

    +1 with no kepo worked the best for me :)

  • Luna says:

    For +1 the D should be replaced by Am

  • emilymeher says:

    I suggest transposing it to +6 and having your capo on the 6th fret (only if you want to stay in the same key). Also C sounds better than Cm, so if you play C instead it should sound normal. :)))

  • Estrangedkitchensink says:

    For the ‘hello’ part i play a C instead of the Cm ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

  • Luna says:

    It sadly doesn’t work with the regional at best version, otherwise a good tab

  • SK8S says:

    @LittleMissGirlCat when I played this, I just played the last three notes (the ones in “hello [music music] hello”) over and over until he got back to the verse and then when you get to that point again you play the notes again and progressively get louder I suppose. basically you just play the last three notes a whole bunch.

  • 0rangeRussian says:

    -6 is easy for beginners

  • Just a person in the world says:

    I agree with SK8s. -6 C for Cm sounds good to me

  • yee says:

    For -4 it should be a D at the end not a Dm

  • xolaurenn says:

    for the +1, Gm should just be G

  • User name says:

    I think +3 sounds the best and it’s pretty easy to play.

  • cloudtrain says:

    I found 1+ to be easy and sound great :)

  • Username? says:

    What the heck the 0 chords don’t sound right at all!!

    Excuse my potty mouth

  • squaredoritos says:

    What is a good strumming pattern to use on this song? I can’t figure one out :/

  • booksandmusic says:

    If you’re going to transpose it +1 , Gm doesn’t sound right. I found that if you use G instead it sounds a lot better.

  • Sydney.Music says:


  • TheDeadInside says:

    Does anyone know the strum pattern?
    Also i saw someone say they wished the whole song was here, and its not exact, but think they just repeet.. idk really know..

  • Broadway_songs_rock says:

    I always play this on the uke

  • brendone says:

    Well excuse me its I know not hello at the end

  • silentsequoia says:

    This is actually beautiful on the uke! thank you for the great tab!!!

    could we maybe get clear by twenty one pilots as well? Idk how it would sound but I sure want to try lol!

  • elise |-/ says:

    i like to play it in +3,, and when it says to play Am at the end just play A it sounds so much better <33

  • Penterblayke says:

    +1 is the easiest for me :)

  • idk? |-/ says:

    +1 is the easiest for me, but to make it sound better play a G instead of a Gm. Gm sounds too deep. Hope this helps anyone |-/

  • thisisntlogan says:

    can someone make a fingerpick intro?

    • T.R.U. says:

      For the fingerpick intro hold C and pick the third string then fourth string 4 times then the second and fourth 4 times then first and fourth 8 times.
      Hope this helps…

  • use your glutesss says:

    Here’s the tab. I hope this helps :) |-/

    [Intro] A|—-9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9—9———-| E|—————————————————————————| C|———————————-6—6—6—6—6—6—6—6————| G|–8—8—8—8—4—4—4—4——————————————–|

    |—-9—9—9—9—9—9—11–13—-9—9—9—9—9—9–11–13–11—-| E|—————————————————————————| C|————————————6—6—6—6—6—6——————| G|–8—8—8—8—4—4—————————————————-|

  • Ana says:

    I like to use Em and then G and then C, it just sounds better to me personally!

    • Ana says:

      and i completely didn’t realize that this was +1…. oops, i thought I had figured it out myself, darnit

  • andrew234 says:

    To play the song in the original key easily. Retune the uku one step down from G C E A to Gb B Eb Ab. Then transpose to +1. Then play normally. No capo needed!!

  • ukedooks says:

    for +6 or -6, for the Cm, I changed it to a C cuz Cm didnt sound right

  • eibhen says:

    you guys are making me cry with this capo talk

  • mayothegeyo says:

    -6 with a capo on the first fret sounds the best to me ? also, does anyone have a good strumming pattern?

  • Nisa says:

    I’ve been looking for this song for a really long time.But it’s complicated so I might not learn it now. Oh well

  • simply.uku says:

    +6 Is the easiest, but for accuracy I like doing -1 with a capo on the first fret. If you don’t have a capo, use a pen/pencil and two “Rainbow Loom” type rubber bands. I think you can imagine how to attach it, but if you don’t, I’ll try my best to explain. Put the pencil on the desired fret. Have the actual lead tip facing away from you (it doesn’t matter, but this is for a better visual picture) And put on the two bands so it’s kind of like they’re hula hoops. Hold the pencil on the fret, and pull the bands toward the eraser side. Lastly, pull the bands over the eraser side and make it tight. This sometimes can leave a little buzzy noise, but you can move the pencil to fix that. Final tip is to make sure your uke is in TUNE TO THE 100%. If it isn’t, it won’t sound quite right but it will be close.

  • Jay says:

    brendone if you search up the actual lyrics it’s ‘hello’

  • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

    I think what we need TB saga

  • yoyou says:

    in the part when say “hello… hello”
    i put “ebm” hello “b” hello “gb”

  • UkuGator says:

    Close to the end, they hit those large drums (done in concert/in the song). The way I did that was I played the chords Em, C, G, and hit the strings w/ my thumb on the lower section of the fret board. If you hit it like they do, it should sound similar. And it will also give the song a cool effect. Just something to do while singing “hello”.

    • UkuGator says:

      I forgot this. I was playing at +1. That’s where it fits. But you can do it with the chords for the other tanspositions. Is that the right word? Tanspositions?

  • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

    I recommend C instead of Cm at the end.

  • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

    When transposed to +1, on “I can feel my death”, jut skip the D altogether and play the Em. It sounds way better, and fits the song better. However, on “I want to say”, just keep playing the D, don’t change it. Stay Alive frens :)

    • FrentotheBlurryfaces says:

      And on the last line, just play a normal G in place of the Gm. The Gm just doesn’t fit at all, and the G sounds very satisfying.

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