How to read tablature?
          Bm                 A                D                   G

          G                 A                 D

Verse 1:
Bm            A            D                   G
I smell that salty breeze blowing through the fjord
G                    A            D               A
I hear those creaky ships as old board meets old board
          Bm              A                    D          G         Bm     A
I breathe in the place I live and wonder what else can I give this home
G   D
My home

Verse 2:
D                                                             G
Wandering through the town with everyone doing all of their stuff
                  A                    D          A
Somewhere in my heart I feel I've not yet done enough
             G      A           D               G
For these people I know, this place that I love so
Bm   A
My home
My home

Whistling: G D G D G D G

Verse 3:
Bm                              Em
I whistle as I walk, a lovely smell of kransexxxe
         A         Gbm      G
Wafting out of the baker's door
                  Bm                          Em
The merchants haggling over fish remind me I have what I wish
        A       Gbm   G          D
'Cause I'm not alone anymore

   Bm A D G Bm A D A
   Bm A D G Bm A D

Whistling: G D G D G

      Bm                 A
I'm grateful for this castle
             D            G
And for everything we've got
Bm             A
Especially my family
       D                  A
We've all been through a lot
            Bm                A
I know how fragile things can be
            D            G
If I lost them, I'd lose me
            Bm                 A
They're my ocean, they're my shore
    D              G
I wanna give them more
They're my home
G    D
My home

Verse 4:
Bm                        A
Bless this happiness we found
            D               G
Bless this good and solid ground
      Bm   A
Our home
      Bm   A
Our home

D     G       Bm   A       D    A
-Our home     Our home     Our home
Bm   A        D    G       Bm   A
Our home      Our home     Our home
     A             D
Our home-     I'm home