Artist Bo Burnham
Album what.
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C      F     C       Em       
It's about all the sad stuff. 
  C       F          C           Em
Just picture a depressed onion cutting itself.

    C  F  C  Em
    C  F  C  Em

        C                  F
I met a homeless man named Rich
C          G
Isn't that terrible?
         C               F
I saw a flyer for a lost dog
        Am                    Em
And the dog didn't have any legs
         C        F    Am     G
I saw a diabetic kid trick-or-treating
    C              F
I saw a giraffe who had a short neck
Am           G
That was sad, or a deer

E        F           C        G
I saw an old man get hit by a train
          E                      F
He didn't see it in the pouring rain                                          
           C                                G         E
He didn't hear me shout, "Look out for the train!"

Because I didn't say anything.

Interlude: C     F    C      Em

C     F        C           Em
I just thought to myself, "Ooh, this is gonna be sad."
C     F    C      Em     
           And it was.
C     F    C      Em
      I'm a genius.

        C                       F
I saw a man with only one eye
C       G
In a 3D movie
        C                         F
I saw a little boy drop his ice cream cone
Am                           Em
Directly on his mother's corpse
        C                  F
I saw a kitten stuck in a tree
         Am                       G
Then the kitten jumped off and he hung himself
          C            F       Am      G
I saw a boy who had red hair.

E           F                 C            G
I went to a store looking for something to buy
                     E                        F
But they only sold paintings of the same sad guy
    C                      G
No, wait--this store sells mirrors! 
See what I did there?
               C     Em    F    Fm
Let's rock! No.

C   Em   F   Fm
C   Em   F   Fm

C   Em   F   G

The world's so sad, bros. Pain, genocide, war, xxxism, racism. 
But I've gotta remember there's good things about it too. 
Like the fact that none of that's happening to me! Score! Still, 
though, it's hard not to be sad about it. How do y'all do it? I've 
been telling you guys terribly sad things this whole song; you 
haven't been sad at all. You've been--you've been happy--no, 
you've been laughing. That's it, laughter, it's the key to everything. 
It's the way to solve all the sadness in the world! I mean not for the 
people that are actually sad, but the people like us that've gotta 
xxxxing deal with them all the time. Being a comedian isn't being 
an insensitive prick capitalizing on the most animalistic impulses 
of the public; it's being a hero. The world isn't sad. The world's 
funny! I'm a sociopath!

         C                 F
I saw an old man slip and fall
Am                  G
Hey, what a xxxxing idiot
        C                       F
I saw a woman at her daughter's funeral
Am        G
Ha ha ha. Classic comedy.
C                        F
Everything that once was sad
Am         G
Is somehow funny now
     C            F
The Holocaust and 9/11
Am                G
That xxxx's funny 24/7, cuz
E                  F         C      G
Tragedy will be exclusively joked about
            E                    F      C
Because my empathy is bumming me out
          G        E
Goodbye, sadness
          C     F    C     Em    C
Hello jokes.
This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed.


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I aM tHe lAw

XD i preformed this for my mum and she cried lshidmsab (you’ll have to guess what that means btw)




Directly on his mother’s corpse this line that ends with Em should end with G its much easier to transition into G and it sounds better


Instead of using E, since its hard to transition, I just use Em. Its alot better in my opinion.


E7 works well too


what does X have to do with this ?? wtaf


its censoring the swears

c. elliot

Strumming pattern??


I just did D DU UDU the whole time


it might be the pitch of your voice. sometimes it sounds wrong when the chords don’t match. you can try using the numbers at the top to transpose it to your voice, but it might be more difficult to play. you can also try to use a capo.

Kayleb Mac

I love bo burnham and this song is brilliant <3

.... ..

Very useful! Thank you!




I loved it! I even put my own twist on it!

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