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Intro -x4-: Bm  Gbm  D  A

Bm            Gbm                  D    A
Take what you need while there's time
Bm               A              D       A
The city will be earth in a short while
Bm            Gbm    D             A
If I'm not mistaken it's been in flames
Bm            A              D      A
You and I will escape to the seaside

Bm         Gbm            D       A
There is a storm in the distance
Bm                A                D      A
The wind breathing warning of its imminence
Bm         Gbm          D           A
There is a lighthouse five hundred yards down
Bm        Gbm       D          A
You and I will be safe there

Dm         Gm       A
There is a girl who haunts that lighthouse
    Dm              Gm        A 
She saved me, I was swimming

So young I almost drowned
Bb        Dm   A
Under the water she sang a story
  Bb          Dm    A
Of losing her lover

She calls a warning

Interlude -x4-: Bm  Gbm  D  A

Bm            Gbm              D      A
Love, you are foolish, you're tired
    Bm             Gbm          D     A
Your sleeplessness makes you a liar
   Bm        Gbm          D         A
The city is burning, the ocean is turning
Bm         Gbm           D        A
Our only chance is the lighthouse

Dm         Gm       A
Her lover was a sailor

She went and she waited there
    Dm                  Gm     A
The door locked from the outside
             Bb              Dm      A
Lover never arrived so she sings there
                 Bb        Dm             A               A
Soft as a siren luring the ships off their course, how alarming

Bm            Gbm                  D    A
We went in, we climbed up and looked out
Bm            Gbm
The door locked from the outside
D                 A
Three ghosts in a lighthouse
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  1. Username*

    in the last verse i think it should be Dm, Gm and a instead of Bm, Gbm, D, and A

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