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    Ab Ab Ab Ab Absus4 Ab Ab
    Ab Ab Ab Ab Absus4 Ab   -x2-

  Ab                   Ab7
I know -I know- you beloooooong
   Db            Dbm
To sooooomebody neeeeeew
      Ab            Eb       Ab
But tonight, you belong to me

    Ab Ab Ab Ab Absus4 Ab Ab
    Ab Ab Ab Ab Absus4 Ab

  Ab                         Ab7
Although -although- we're apaaaaaart
         Db              Dbm
You're a paaaaart of my heaaaaart
      Ab            Eb       Ab    Ab7
And tonight, you belong to me

Way down by the stream
How sweet it will seem
     Ab            F7
Once more just to dream
in the moonlight
   My honey,
  Ab                      Ab7
I know -I know- With the daaaaaawn
     Db           Dbm
That you will be goooooone
      Ab            Eb       Ab
But tonight, you belong to me
     Eb7         Ab Ab Ab Ab Absus4 Ab
Just little old me
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  1. Do you hae this recording? I am having trouble getting the tune right in my head.

  2. Christella

    Love playing this song with my Uke group! We’ve started playing it in C, (+5) sounds Ah-Maaazing with the Fminor!

  3. Don’t change your fingering to play Gsus4
    Play the G chord, then leave all fingers down and add your pinky to get Gsus4.

  4. -5

  5. lapinapequena

    Yes!!! I love it. I think -1 sounds closest to the movie.

  6. Kat In The Hat

    I find it easier for me to sing to when I transpose it to -2 because I sing along with another version of this song in that key.

  7. Its very hard to play the intro for me, so i just play the G and do it like D.D.U.D.D that’s a lot easier! ❤️❤️

    • I play it like that too! But I like to put another U, at the very end. But you’re right, it makes the intro A LOT easier.

  8. Uke Newbie

    Discovered this from the Bates Motel series… It is so beautiful. I would love to sing with a friend. <3

  9. good chord suggestions.

  10. kirra-Novak

    AMERICAN HORROR STORY!!! Oh my gosh this fits perfectly thank you

  11. Jake shimabukuro

    You guys rock that was awesome go to band wagon in Lihue they taught me this song

  12. I,ve been constantly using this web to learn every single song I love. I love this web. Great job.

  13. I think that where it goes “way down by the stream how sweet it would seem” sounds better if you do c then cm not just cm cm

  14. Wich are the real chords???

  15. This sounds great as you have it here, but something you may want to try is instead of using the G7 chord, use the Dm chord!

  16. I love how I found this song under “Steve Martin” lol! What a great tune! Great website.

  17. very good song Steve Martin performed this so well in the jerk with Bernadette peters I loved it one of my favorite memories…

  18. cjbollinger

    Great site! Thanks very much for this version of this song-love it.

  19. This is the most beautiful website I have ever seen. So user friendly and good looking and awesome! Love you!

  20. thank you. I love this little duet

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