Verse 1:
            G              Gb           F                 E
I come from scientists and atheists and white men who killed god
              Am             D          G           Em
They made technology high quality, abstract, physiological
    Am          D                 G              Em
Experiments and sacrilege in the name of public good
               Am              D          G
They taught me everything just like daddy should
Verse 2:
           Am                D                  G               Em
I was your baby, your first child, the hot girl in your compsci class
      Am                   D                      G                   Em
I was darwin's prep school dream bred, born, and raised to kick your ass
           Am              D             B7               Em
I fell for circuit boards, rocket ships, pictures of the stars
             Am           D               G
If you could only be what you pretend you are
Verse 3:
            Am             D            G             Em
When I said take me to the moon I never meant take me alone
             Am                 D                    G           Em
I thought if mankind toured the sky it meant that everyone could go
            Am            D                     B7                 Em
But I don't wanna see the stars if they're just one more piece of land
           Am           D      G
For you to colonize for us to turn to sand
Verse 4:
  Am           D            G               Em
I loved you, I loved you, I loved you, it’s true
  Am        D          G           Em
I wanted to be you and do what you do
  Am            D             B7              Em
I lived here, I loved here, I thought it was true
          Am      D         G
I feel so stupid, I feel so used