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C                 Am
 Now I can move on to facing
C                 Am
 Big girl problems no more
C                 Am
High school drama
D              G 
Graduated with honors

C                 Am
And I’m drinking coffee while I
C                 Am
Read the paper, I’ve been
C                 Am
Saving money
D              G 
Eating only top ramen

C       Am    C    Am
Now I get a holiday
C        Am            D  G  
Wherever I go I must stay
C       Am    C    Am
I don’t plan on coming back
C        Am            D  G  
Ever if I can hold back

C       Am    C    Am
Now I get a holiday
C        Am      D  G  
Think I’ll stay
C                 Am
D              G 
I’ll stay
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  1. What’s the strumming pattern ?

  2. what’s the strumming pattern

  3. I think it’s a Dm instead of D.

  4. I love this song! Total jam, and i put a capo on the 1st or 2nd fret when playing on a soprano concert ukulele. :)

  5. Sarah plays ukulele not tragedies

    What is the original key, and what ukulele do they play it on?

  6. brendonsbagels

    This is a really really good and easy song to play, and I think changing the D to Dm sounds good too.

  7. Valerie, I notice you asked this on a couple of other songs, I suggest reading the disclaimer all the way below the commenting section

  8. The D should be “B” on the 5th fret (sorry I don’t know the chord).

  9. Nick Renaud

    I like this but the chord changes on the uke are just a little awkward. But it sounds good.

  10. it also sound good if on G you slide your fingers down the neck of the guitar

  11. I think the D in the verse should be an F tbh?

  12. I agree with _elsewhere, but I think the D in the chorus could be major.

  13. i agree with _elsewhere

  14. _elsewhere

    I think that the D should be replaced by a Dm, to give it a more”tropical” feeling. This interlude is about taking a holiday, It should feel so.

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