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Let 'em have their time,
Sit back and let 'em shine,
Let 'em rise and rise,
          C                    G
Cause one day they're gonna fall.
Let 'em soak in the sun,
Sit back, and let 'em have their fun..
                       Em           C                         G
Let em' spill their guts, cause one day they're gonna slip on 'em.

G                B7         Em                       C
Well, I could be angry, but you're not worth the fight,
    G            D        G
And besides, I'm movin' on.
     G          B7       Em         C
I've counted to ten and I'm feeling alright,
G               D       G
And besides I'm moving on.

G                                            B7
Let 'em play their songs, let 'em say what's right and wrong,
Em                                    C                G
Let 'em do their thing, cause they'll never be you and me.
G                                     B7
We got our own style. We got a way of living life.
Em                                C                    G
If they can't get down.. Well, we don't need them around!

G                B7         Em                       C
Well, I could be angry, but you're not worth the fight,
    G            D        G
And besides, I'm movin' on.
     G          B7       Em         C
I've counted to ten and I'm feeling alright,
G               D    
And besides I'm moving..
Em       C
Yes, I'm moving...
G        D           G
Besides, I'm moving on!
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  1. igaveuponcleverusernames

    the fast-paced strumming is a nice way to let out the aggression you feel toward the people you envision when you play this song :)))))))

  2. For me this sound better
    B instead of B7(open last strig)

    C D G
    And besides Im moving on

    Last part:
    C D
    And besides im moving
    B Em
    Yes im moving
    C D G
    beides im moving on

    My strumming pattern
    And besides im moving on same as verse

  3. StayAliveFrens

    This is pretty much perfect. Pattern is DDUUDU

  4. Strumming pattern?

  5. KidChameleon

    My suggestions:

    I prefer the B7 to B or Bminor as others have suggested, but definitely replace the chorus D with C (except the very last one at the end, as below).

    Ending edit:

    G, C
    And besides I’m moving
    B7, Em
    Yes, I’m moving
    C, D, G
    Besides, I’m moving on

  6. I’m actually in love with playing this song, it’s so upbeat and easy

  7. 0-4-3-2… Im too tired to type X3

  8. The alternate B7 (0-3-2-1) is alot easier to play especially right before Em!

  9. @kkkk @pricillakeomek That’s not true. You can use it with any ukulele with a GCEA tuning, so you can’t use it with a baritone uke. You can use it with a soprano, concert, or tenor.

  10. I think instead of B7 Bm sounds better and instead of C C7 sounds really good

  11. pricillakeomek

    @kkkk you can use it with any size ukulele.

  12. What kind Uke is used ? Soprano or concert?

  13. Suggestion for ending edit:

    G C
    And besides I’m Moving
    Em Em
    Yes I’m moving
    C D G
    Besides I’m moving on

  14. T-Dizzle in the Hizzle

    Love this :P I’m pretty sure you’ve got it perfect.


  15. _elsewhere

    I think that it sounds better for this song if you replace all B7’s with B. And in the chorus, I think If you replace the D with a C (like so..)

    G C G
    And besides, I’m moving on.

    I hope this helps!

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