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Intro -x2-: C G Am -riff1- F -riff1- G G7

C   G    Am   G    F    C G  Am  Gsus2 G 
All this time will pass into the past
             C G        C    G    Am G    F           C    G   Am  Gsus2 G 
So if you're happy then make each mo-ment last, don't hold nothing back
              C    G      C  G   Am G     F         C G  Am Gsus2 G 
And if you're suffering remember it won't last, get over it fast
            C  G       Dm     G   -riff2-
Get back to living and giving love

C       G      Am -riff1-
Life is just a test
F             -riff1-  G        G7
I will remember,       I will remember
     C          G    Am  -riff1-
This life ain't over yet
F              -riff1- G
So please remember     not to forget

  C   G    Am G    F         C G  Am    Gsus2 G 
a new born ba-by's cry their very first tears
            C   G       C      G    Am     G   F     C   G Am Gsus2 G
They are so hopeful and grieve when fath - ers die after many years
        C  G      C   G Am  G    F        C     G  Am  Gsus2 G
It is a circle of teenagers find love and screw it all up
          C   G                 Dm C G  -riff2- 
We are so fearful but somehow invincible

     C       G     Am  -riff1-
This life is not a curse
F                   -riff1-  G           G7
There will be hard times,    it will get worse
C      G       Am  -riff1-
Always do your best
F              -riff1- G            G7 
And always remember    that you are blessed

Solo: see notes.

Dm             G 
Everywhere you go
Dm    Em    Ebm  Dm   Am 
Plant seeds love will grow
      Dm             G    Gsus4 G5 
But remember who you are, are

D  A   Bm A   G     D  A   Bm   A
If you travel far remember your heart
              D    A             D  A   Bm A   G       D  A   Bm   A
Is where your home is and if you travel to the stars remember your heart
                 D   A       Em  D       A  -riff3- 
And you won't be homesick or homeless at all

Interlude -x2- -whistle Chorus-: C G Am -riff1- F -riff1- G G7

C       G      Am
Life is just a test
F            -riff1-  G           G7 
With many failures    and some success
     C     G        Am  -riff1-
But I will place my best
F                 -riff1- G
And I will leave here     with no regrets
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  1. Your description is wrong, dear Sir.

    Mike Love of The Beach Boys is not this particular dreadlocked Mike Love.

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