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C      D      Am         C      D       Am
I hurt myself today   to see if I still feel
C       D      Am         C       D        Am
I focus on the pain   the only thing that's real
C        D        Am          C      D      Am
The needle tears a hole   the old familiar sting
     C       D      Am           C       D       G          
Try to kill it all away   but I remember everything

Am          F             C        G
What have I become?   My sweetest friend
Am          F           C          G
Everyone I know   goes away in the end
Am                     F         C       G
And you could have it all   My empire of dirt
Am              F             C        G
I will let you down   I will make you hurt

C           D        Am         C      D     Am
I wear this crown of thorns   upon my liars chair
C          D        Am    C     D     Am
Full of broken thoughts   I cannot repair
C           D         Am         C       D      Am
Beneath the stains of time   the feeling disappears
C         D      Am    C     D     G
You are someone else   I am still right here

G - till end -
If I could start again   a million miles away
I would keep myself   I would find a way    
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  1. SugaCronch

    I don’t know about anyone else but i prefare to play Am instead of g at the end of the chorus

  2. Use Am for the last cord. Sounds great that way

  3. I used a chord on the last word

  4. Might be me but +5 Sounds kinda right… idk tho

  5. YaelmyNaem

    When 9 Inch Nails heard Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt, they said it was his song after that. Obviously it was still owned by their label, lol, but I don’t think they mind people recognizing it as Johnny :)

  6. ukulelefriend

    Personally, I like to play this song by picking the C, E, and A strings with each chord

  7. I just wanna say that hurt is not by Johnny cash, it’s by 9 inch nails.

    • ukulelefriend

      This is the cover of that song by 9 inch nails done by Johnny Cash, many other covers of songs are labeled this way on this website :)

    • even is the same song, chords changes depending on the singer, so if your voice is more like JC, you will look for the JC version.

  8. Statuebro

    With low g it sounds awesome!

  9. Also, there’s a few extra words in that last comment, not my fault. My phone decided to “do its own thing” ?

  10. I play the last line of the chorus (I will let you down let you down, I will make you hurt) Am-F-G-Am. Not sure if that helps, but it sounds better to me.

  11. Try muting and down strumming after every C D Am, it sounds cool

  12. It seemed right to me jut go along and play Down Up Down with the C-D-Am

  13. The verse (C-D-AM) sounds better if you arpeggiate the chords (play the notes one at a time). On the Am, I add my pinky the 7th fret of the A string – I think it makes it sound closer to the original.

    The reason the chorus doesn’t sound right is that on the guitar they play some weird chords: Am7, Fadd9, some unnamed C chord, and G. Am,F,C,G is pretty close.

  14. carrigan_macd

    this doesnt even have the full song :(

  15. Does the chorus sound wrong to anyone else?

  16. this is so wrong

  17. And to those wondering about Johnny Cash’s finger picking intro, with no lyrics, the song actually starts on the Am, then C-D-Am as normal. I think the bridge also starts at Am.

  18. Yeah its not just repeat the chorus chords

  19. G chord at the end (till end) to me doesn’t sound right. Any confirmation on that?

  20. Thx Jonas!
    Great arrangement.
    Greatings Sax/Belgium

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