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C 		 F
I don't know my name
Am 		     G
I don't play by the rules of the game
       C 	     F
So you say I'm just trying
     Am G
Just trying

     C        	       F
So I heard you are my sister's friend
    Am              G
You get along quite nicely
    C            F
You ask me why I cut my hair
    Am                 G
And changed myself completely

F        G
I am lost
Am                 G
Trying to get found
In an ocean of people

Please don’t ask me any

C 		 F
I don't know my name
Am 		     G
I don't play by the rules of the game
       C 	     F
So you say I'm just trying
     Am G
Just trying

C             F
I now know my name!
Am                  G
I don't play by the rules of the game
       C           F
So you say I’m not trying
        Am G
But I’m trying
To find my way
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  1. I love this song and the strumming pattern is D-D-U U-DU

  2. There is a video on YouTube of grace doing a tutorial of this song and she used the strumming pattern: D-D U-U D-U

  3. this is way too cool……Actually this is the best ukulele song with a chords. Some of the people were asking that how many beats are there…. and its (up, down, up, down, down, up).

  4. Jeffree_Star

    the strumming pattern is D-D-U-D-D 8-)

  5. The strumming pattern is D DUDUDU

  6. MCR Will Save Your Life (I Promise)

    I got it first try because I already know all those cords and I am starting to move to harder more advanced but when I first got my Uke it took me about a week and a half to be able to play songs and learn chords and this website really helps.

  7. Kitty Marie

    No matter how hard I try I can’t strum down only up I try so hard to strum any tips or tricks???? I NEED HELP! Comment @kittymarie

  8. what compass has

  9. Fida Maryam

    Amazing!!! This was my first song and everybody loved it!!👌🏻

  10. luke cliett

    where is the time signature or how many beats per measure?

    • with ukulele its more of a freestyle as far as that stuff goes, just because its made for riffs and stuff like that

  11. how long will it take to learn

  12. If u remember the chords pattern ( which is C,F,A,G) u can just go to a lyric website to get the right ones

  13. What strumming pattern do you use for this??

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