Artist Tiny Tim
Album Tiny Tim Live At The Royal Albert Hall
Note Also known as "Livin' in the Sunlight Lovin' in the Moonlight". Maybe try to replace the Emaj7 with Em or E, it may sound a bit better.
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E    Abm7  Db7
I'm  so   happy!
B        B7     E
Happy go lucky me!
B      B7    E
I just go my way,
B      B7    E
living every-day!

E  Abm7    Db7
I  don't  worry!
B              Dbm
Worrying don't agree,
Things that bother you,
never bother me!

Things that bother you,

never bother me
I feel happy and fine!
Living in the sunlight,

loving in the moonlight
         B7        E
Having a wonderful time!

Haven't got a lot,

I don't need a lot
Coffee's only a dime
Living in the sunlight,

loving in the moonlight,
having a wonderful time!

Abm                Emaj7 
Just take it from me,
            Abm           Emaj7 
I'm just as free as any daughter.
Abm          Emaj7 
I do what I like,
just what I like,
          Gb    B
and how I love it!

I'm right here to stay

When I'm old and gray,
I'll be right in my prime!
Living in the sunlight,

loving in the moonlight,
         B7        E
having a wonderful time!
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  1. Hi, does anyone have an good strumming pattern?

  2. Capo on two and -2 is way easier.

  3. The Minty Narwhal


  4. Try Eb instead of Emaj7 :)

  5. I just couldn’t play 0 normal version. +1 did it for me though. I still can’t find a way to replace the fmaj7, which sounds terrible. I replaced it with Em which sounded slightly better, and the second Fmaj7 with an Fm. That worked for me.

    But, awesome song. Really works for me, fun to play and it sounds really good.
    Thank you, based ukutabs

  6. freaking freak, sounds amazing on ukulele <3

  7. The Gbm works just as well as, or better than, the Emaj7 and is a bit easier to switch to from the Abm.

    • 21 Reasons to Breathe Again

      The Gb/F# should probably be called a F# because of the likely hood that with the key signature changes because of the need for c# mixolydian scale to be played in order to create the F#major deductively. In juxt, the Db7 should be called a C#7 due to the change of the tone E to E Sharp.

      SIDE NOTE: This E sharp is within the second register, or it may be called a E2 to specifically identify this tones pitch.

      The Dbmi should be called a c#minor because of the diatonic structural make up, or formula, for the key signature of Emajor.
      It’s not a Abmi, with that fingering, it is a B major 6 chord with an octave from the tonic.

      Lastly, the Abmi7 is actually just a a minor 7.

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