Intro: Db5  - E5 - Eb5   A5 - Db5  - B5

Dbm                     Gbm       Abm           E
I think I know what you mean but watch what you say
 Dbm                         Gbm      Abm          E
'cause they'll be trying to knock you down in some way
 Dbm                         Gbm      Abm      E
Sometimes it feels like the world is falling asleep
 Dbm                    Gbm       Abm       E
How do you wake someone up from inside a dream?

 Dbm                        Gbm            Abm          E
Your mind would wander and search for its place in the night
 Dbm                      Gbm         Abm       E
Your body followed this feeling like following light
 Dbm                     Gbm       Abm          E
Once that your music was born it followed you 'round
 Dbm                     Gbm                 Abm          E
And then it gave your activities, meaning and let you be loud

Gbm                 Abm
You're sad but you smile
A               E
It not in your eyes
Gbm                  Abm
Your eyeballs won't change
          A                  E
It's the muscles around your eyes

Abm             E
An egg to fertilize
Abm              E
A pulse to stabilize
Abm             E
A body to deodorize
Abm              E
A life to scrutinize
Abm              E
A child to criticize
Abm                  E
Young adults to modernize
Abm               E
Citizens to terrorize
Abm                    E
Generations to desensiti

Solo -repeat-: Dbm - Gbm - B - E

Dbm                           Gbm         Abm      E
You're dreams are sweet and obsessed and your overworked
 Dbm                 Gbm        Abm       E
You're overtaken by visions of being overlooked
  Dbm                           Gbm
How disappointed would D.-ead- I.-dealistic-
             Abm                               E
 Dbm                      Gbm        Abm       E
to see such power in our hands all wasted on greed
Am I a prisoner to instincts?
Or do my thoughts just live
As free and detached
As boats to the dock?
Dbm                      Gbm        Abm               E
Just like when music was born and detached from your heart
Dbm                      Gbm          Abm       E
Is your free time to free minds or for falling apart?

Gbm         Abm
Night after night
A                E
You turn out the light
Gbm              Abm         A
You don't fall asleep right away
                Open E
"Are we... are we done?"

Abm            E
a desk to organize
Abm                E
a product to advertise
Abm                E
a market to monopolize
Abm                 E
Movie stars you idolize
Abm               E
Leaders to scandalize
Abm               E
Enemies to neutralize
Abm              E
No time to apologize
Abm             E
Fury to tranquilize
Abm                E
Weapons to synchronize
Abm             E
Cities to vapor-i