Cm              F             Bb     G7
"a" is for the apple that he gave to me,
Cm            F     Bb
But I found a worm inside,
Cm          F              Bb      G7
"b" is for beloved that I call to him,
Cm         F       Bb
before he left my side
And “c”,
see what he did that’s “d”,
Did it to poor ol’ me,
How could I be such an “e”motional fool, “f”
Cm              F           Bb         G7
"g" is for the gentlemen I thought he was,
Cm      F          Bb
When he first said hi, "H" "I",
Cm             F             Bb    G7
"J" is for the joker that is Jimmy Bee,
 Cm         F       Bb
the man who made me cry -that’s a c-
And “K”,
Well you know it’s just not okay,
To kiss and then run away,
Leaving alone without leaving a letter for “L”angtree
Cm             F         Bb      G7
"M" is for the misery he left me in,
Cm         F       Bb
"N"ever to return again,
Cm         F         Bb       G7
"O" what a poor "P" fool I’ve been,
Cm           F        Bb
"Q"ueuing in line for him
And “R”,
Are you the one for me,
Yes, “S”ay you’ll come back to me,
Why are you tempted to “T”ease me, ohh..
Cm           F                B       G7
"U", why not you, have got to understand,
Cm              F        Bb
The value of a woman’s heart, "V",
Cm            F           Bb           G7
Why, “W” not “Y”, did you think it was fine
Cm        F        Bb
To “X” me from the start
And “Y”, yes “Y”,
Is the question that’s on my mind, oh why,
C                                               F
Why did you leave me right before reaching our “Z”enith
Cm       F         Bb       G7
1 is the number of men I’ve loved,
Cm            F             Bb
And 2 is the times I’ll say it’s you, it’s you!
Cm       F         Bb               G7
3 is the number of days you’ve been gone,
       Cm         F          Bb
But it feels like four times two
Bb7                         Eb
8, at the hour the sun goes down,
I remember life with you around,
I wish I had nine lives like that one