Gbdim      Gm            Eb             Cm
I never dreamed that there'd come a day
         Bb              F         Bb
when I'd find myself far from your arms
Eb         D  Gm            G7
Now that I am, I can hardly stand
       C7                           F7
Not to be near your sweet southern charms

Bb        A              Dm
Send me a peach from old Georgia
Bb7           G         Cm Gmaj7 Cm
Down where the Savannah flows
   F                        Bb      G7
If I could have one bite of Georgia
C                          F F7
I would feel right here at home

Bb         A         Dm
I miss the shady ol' lanes there
Bb7          G        Cm Gmaj7 Cm
Walking with you by my side
F                           Bb      G7
Just send me one peach from Georgia
C                        F F7
Just so I know you'll be mine

Bb           A        Dm
I hope that you won't forget me
 Bb7           G             Cm Gmaj7 Cm
before my road leads back to you
           F                          Bb              G7
Though the winter may bring the whole world to its knees
    C                           F F7
The spring shall return with its fruit

Bb               A        Dm
The wind here is ready for winter
  Bb7            G          Cm Gmaj7 Cm
It seems to turn everything blue
        F                Bb             G
So just send me, send me one little peach
       C           F7        Bb
Just a sweet sunny piece of you