B                 Ebm           Gb      Abm
I want to watch the uniVerse expand
           B           Ebm
I want to break it into pieces
   Small enough to understand
B             Ebm                 Gb      Abm
   And put it all back together again
            B            Ebm          Db
In the quiet of my private collection

    B                    Ebm        Gb      Abm
It feels like an out of body experience-
                    B              Ebm
But something gets lost from a safe distance
Db                  Bbm             B
   And now I can't put my mind to rest
             Ebm              Gb     Abm
And I can'€™t help but second guess
          B              Ebm         Db
Living behind this one-way mirror

        Abm  Gb    B       Db   Ebm
I'm hypnotized by this anomaly
Such strange uncharted territory-
          Abm    Gb          B
A white flag waves in the dark
 Db          Ebm
Between my head and my heart
     Db       B
My armor falls apart
              Abm Gb B  Db    Ebm       Db
As if I could let     myself be seen,
Even deeply known
                   Abm Gb   B     Db     Ebm    Db
Like I was already brave enough to let go.

Instrumental: Abm    Gb    B    Ebm    Db    Ebm    Db

Verse: Abm
    B              Ebm         Gb     Abm
And now I want to generously lose
         B                Ebm         Db       Bbm
This energy that I'€™ve been hanging onto so desperately
     B               Ebm       Gb      Abm
I finally feel the uniVerse expand-
           B              Ebm
It'€™s hidden in heartbeats, exhales
    And in the hope of open hands

   B    Gb
   B    Ebm    Db
   Abm  Ebm    Db
   B    Ebm    Db