Eb Gm F
   Gm Bb F
   Bb Eb
   Gm Dm Eb

            Eb  Gm   F
I'm turning out the lights
            Cm  Bb F
To remember how to see
              Bb  F       Eb
Until a renaissance takes place
           Gm                 Dm              Eb
And resuscitates the color of paint and divinity

                 Eb  Gm    F
As if God hid the building blocks
        Cm       Gm      F
Of every beautiful thing
                Bb  F    Eb
In this game of hide and seek
                 Gm              Dm                   Ebmaj7
I can't help but think that ordinary has swallowed the key

Cm                Eb
  Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust
Gm              F
 For a moment we get to be glorious
Cm             Bb
 Ice sculptures adorned in light
Gm                  F                     Cm
 Sand castles built tall in between the tides

            Bb                  Gm
Maybe I'm hiding behind metaphor
         F                            Cm
Maybe my heart needs to break to be sure
                     Eb          Gm
One day I'll wear it all on my sleeve
             F                     C
The insignificant with the sacred unique

                   F9   Am7       G
But I've fallen in love with a ghost
              Dm             C          G
And I lost my balance when I needed it most
                C          F
This blurry photograph is proof
                  Am                    Em
Of what I'm not sure but it feels like truth

            F9          Am           G
I'm stuck swimming in shadows down here
           Dm              C          G
It's been forever since I came up for air
              C                D
Flashlight in hand determined to find
          C           Em             C      Em
Authenticity only poetry could even begin
to try to describe

Interlude: Dm F9 Am G

Dm               F                Am
 Bodies fashioned out of dirt and dust
For a moment we get to be glorious
F9  Am7  G
            Get to be glorious
E   E7   Am        G          C  G  D
            Get to be glorious

Interlude: C  G

           F9  Am7    G
What if we already are
                  E E7 Am
Who we've been dying to become
            C                 D
In certain light I can plainly see
               C       Em
a reflection of magnificence
C           Em
Hidden in you
Maybe even in me