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             C       F           C
 When you're weary,        feeling small,
F      Bb    F   C          F             C         F    C     F
 When tears are in your eyes,     i will dry them all;
C     G   Am      G              F    C
 I'm on your side.    when times get rough
C7                  F    D   G
 And friends just can't be found,
C7        F      Gb     C    A7sus4 A7   F
 Like a Bridge over troubled wa-ter
         E7      Am
 I will lay me down.
C7        F      Gb     C   A7sus4 A7   F
 Like a Bridge over troubled wa-ter
         G   G7  C
 I will lay me down.

 When you're down and out,
                      C     F
 When you're on the street,
        Bb F     C       F
 When eve-ning falls so hard
         C          F    C    F
 I will comfort you.
C       G    Am      G
 I'll take your part.
 When darkness comes
C7             F  D   G
 And pains is all a-round,

C7        F      Gb     C    A7sus4 A7   F
 Like a Bridge over troubled wa-ter
         E7     Am
 I will lay me down.
C7        F      Gb     C     Am     F
 Like a Bridge over troubled water
         Am  E7  Am   D7
 I will lay me down.

F    Am    F    Fm    C    F

C    F    C    F

            C           F
 Sail on silvergirl,
 Sail on by.
F      Bb   F    C       F
 Your time has come to shine.
            C                  F      C    F
 All your dreams are on their way.
C     G    Am   G
 See how they shine.
 If you need a friend
C7             F    D  G
 I'm sailing right be-hind.
C7        F   Fmaj7 D   C       Am     F
 Like a Bridge over troubled water
         E   E7   Am     D 
 I will ease your mind.
       C     F    Fm    C
 your mind    
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  1. Sorry still learning i guess just leave it in c and put the capo on the third fret and thanks so much for this again I am having fun with it.

  2. It’s in e flat so if you want to sing along with him, change the song into D (select + 2 on the transpose thing) and put the capo in the first fret. There are some other chord additions that are helpful but, it’s good you can play it with this.


  3. Sophiegirl

    I found that the Gb that is given in the chord diagrams at the top of the page to be clunky and honestly didn’t sound too good. Much better I found (especially if fingerpicking) is to finger the F and then use the alternate Gb of 2-0-2-0. Much easier to transition and sounds better also I think…also, playing just an Am rather than the A7sus4 and A7 works alright…I love how the possibilities for all kinds of fine tuning when playing on this song really brings it alive in certain parts

  4. anniebunster00

    actually fairly easy to play as long as you’ve got good chord transitioning down.

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