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Lisa likes brandy and the way it hits her lips,
She's a rock 'n' roll survivor with pendulum hips,
She's got deep brown eyes,
That've seen it all.

Working at a nightclub that was called The Avenue
The bar men used to call her "Little Lisa, Looney Tunes"
She went down, 
on almost anyone.

         Gbm                       A 
From the hard time living 'til the Chelsea days,
              Gbm                             B
From when her hair went sweet blonde 'til the day it turned grey
She said;
E           A
       B                       A
You've got more than money and sense, my friend
           E               A              B     A
You've got heart, and your going your own way.
E           A
         B                   A
What you don't have now will come back again
           E               A              B     A
You've got heart, and your going your own way.

Some people wear their history like a map on their face,
And Joey was an artist just living out of case,
        A                             E
But his best work, was his letters home.
His standard works of fiction about imaginary success,
The Chorus girls in neon were his closest things to friends,
          A                          E  
But to a writer, the truth is no big deal.

         Gbm                     A
From the hard time living to the sleepless nights,
        Gbm                          B
And the black and blue body from the weekend fights

He'd say;
Chorus -2x-:
      Dbm           A              E           B
On my last night on earth, I won't look to the sky
     E              A       Dbm          B
Just breathe in the air and blink in the light
      Dbm           A           E          B
On my last night on earth, I'll pay a high price
   E         A            E            B
To have no regrets and be done with my life
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  1. sweettunes

    when you transpose it the letters in the chorus change, it is not that big a deal but still slightly annoying though :)

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