Intro -x2-: Ab Fm Db Eb

Verse 1:
Ab             Fm              Db Eb
Perhaps you've not known before
Ab             Abaug       Db           Dbm
To need someone and not be needed anymore
Cm7      Bm7        Bbm7  Eb7
I know nobody's to blame
Cm7               Bm7     Bbm7          Eb7
My tongue's still papercut speaking your name

Verse 2:
Ab          Fm            Db Eb
Perhaps you don't understand
Ab                 Abaug           Db                 Dbm
When i want you to care but now my world's in your hands
Cm7       Bm7         Bbm7 Eb7
What am I supposed to do
Cm7         Bm7       Gm7  C7
Pretend I'm happy for you?

F          Dm
Waited all day to cry
Ab               Bb         F
Now I'm here my eyes are dry
Ab                Fm
Couldn't help you in the end
Db                    Dbm             Ab
Don't know what I was looking to mend

Verse 3:
Ab             Fm             Db Eb
Perhaps you've not sung a song
Ab        Abaug             Db          Dbm
Of seeing yourself to every way come up wrong
Cm7             Bm7            Bbm7 Eb7
The world can't hurt me no more
Cm7          Bm7          Bbm7          Eb7
When I'm the very best at making myself sore

   Ab Fm Db Eb
   Ab Abaug Db Dbm
   Cm7 Bm7 Bbm7 Eb7 -x2-