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Fm           Db                       Ab  
What would I do without your smart mouth
            Eb                  Fm
Drawing me in, and kicking me out
          Db            Ab               Eb          Fm
Got my head spinning, no kidding, I cant pin you down
             Db                     Ab
Whats going on in that beautiful mind
               Eb             Fm
Im on your magical mystery ride
        Db              Ab                     Eb         Bbm
And Im so dizzy, dont know what hit me, but Ill be alright

Bbm              Fm
My heads under water
    Eb             Bbm
But Im breathing fine
                Fm             Eb
Youre crazy and Im out of my mind

Cause all of me
Loves all of you
Love your curves and all your edges
All your perfect imperfections
Give your all to me
Ill give my all to you
Youre my end and my beginning
Even when I lose Im winning
                  Fm   Db      Ab
Cause I give you all, all of me
                 Fm   Db      Ab    Eb
And you give me all, all of you, oh

Fm              Db                 Ab
How many times do I have to tell you
                  Eb                     Fm
Even when youre crying you’re beautiful too
              Db           Ab         Eb                  Fm
The world is beating you down, Im around through every move
            Db                Ab
Youre my downfall, youre my muse
             Eb                        Fm
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues
               Db            Ab        Eb            Bbm
I cant stop singing, its ringing, in my head for you



Bridge Change:
Bbm            Fm
Cards on the table
       Eb             Bbm 
Were both showing hearts
Bbm          Fm               Eb
Risking it all, though its hard

                  Fm   Db      Ab
Cause I give you all, all of me
                 Fm   Db      Ab    Eb
And you give me all, all of you, oh
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  1. christonabike!!

    bootyful when turned a half step down

  2. sorry to bust ur bubble but your chords are a half step to hign its Em

  3. nheletiedo13

    +4 is really easy and fits high voices

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