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Intro - piano -: E Abm A E

Verse 1:
E        Abm
  Hey Gloria
         A                    E
Are you standing close to the edge?
E                Abm
  Lookout to the setting sun
A                   B
  The brink of your vision
E         Abm
  Eternal youth is
  A                 E
A landscpe from the lie
E                   Abm
  The cracks of my skin can prove
A                   B
  As the years will testify

Pre-Chorus 1:
Dbm                    Abm
  Say your prayers and light a fire
A                       E  B
  Were going to start a war
Dbm              Abm
  Your slogans a gun for hire 
A              B- hold -
  It's what we waited for

Verse 2:
E        Abm
  Hey Gloria
        A                E
This is what were on the edge
E                  Abm
  The fight of our lives been drawn to
     A       E- hold -
This undying love

Interlude: Beat Changes from Ballad Piano to Fast Punk Rock

Chorus 1:
E               Abm
Gloria, Viva La Gloria
  You blast your name
In graffiti on the walls
   Falling thought broken glass that's
 E       B             Dbm
Slashing thought your spirit
A                             B
  I can hear it like a jilted crowd

Chorus 2:
E                     Abm
Gloria, Where are you Gloria?
   You found a home
In all your scars and ammunition 
Am                           E
  You made your bed in salad days
 B          Dbm
Amongst the ruins
A                       B
  Ashes to ashes of our youth 

Verse 3:
E                 Abm           Dbm
  She smashed her knuckles into winter
A            E               B
  As autumns wind fades into black
E            Abm              Dbm
  She is the saint on all the sinners 
A                E                  B
  The one that's fallen thought the cracks

Pre-Chorus 2:
         A             B
So don't put away your burning light

Chorus 3:
E                     Abm
Gloria, Where are you Gloria?
   Don't lose your faith 
To your lost naivete
  Weather the storm and don't look
E       B      Dbm
Back on last november
A                                B
  When your banner where burning down

Chorus 4:
E               Abm
Gloria, Viva La Gloria
   Send me you amenesty down
To the broken hearted
   Bring us the season
        E      B      Dbm
That we always will remember
A                           B
  Don't let the bonfires go out

   A  E
So Gloria,
A               E         A
  Send out your message of the light
     E             B
That Shadow in the night
A  E  A                E
Gloria, Where's your undying love?
A              E            B
  Tell me the story of your life
     E   E  E E E- hold -
your life    
This arrangement for the song is the author's own work and represents their interpretation of the song. You may only use this for private study, scholarship, or research. UkuWorld and its derivatives do not own any songs, lyrics or arrangements posted and/or printed.


  1. -4 is easiest for me

  2. stringpicker

    I prefer transposing it to -4, sounds really good and is simple to play, plus suits my voice better

  3. greendaytrash

    Transpose to -2 it is much easier and sounds really good.

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