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C      Em      F
Oh, my talking bird
           C    G      F
Though you know so few words
           C   Em     F
They're on infinite repeat
          C                G            F
Like your brain can't keep up with your beak

         C          Em   F
And your kept in an open cage
          C       G        F
So you're free to leave or stay
        C         Em     F
And sometimes you get confused
                C        G              F
Like there is a hint I'm trying to give you

The longer you think
    G                     C
The less you know what to do

    Em  F
    C   G   F

          C       Em           F
Well it's hard to see your way out
         C         G          F
When you live in a house in a house
           C     Em  F
'Cause you don't realize
         C            G              F
That the windows were open the whole time

    C      Em      F
But oh, my talking bird
            C            G            F
Though your feathers are tattered and furled
  C        Em       F
I love you all your days
         C                  G        F
'Til the breath leaves your delicate frame

It's all here for you
   G                     Am    G    F
As long as you choose to stay
It's all here for you
   G                       C
As long as you don't fly away
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  1. Actually there are two versions of this song – This is the acoustic demo version, and the lyrics posted are correct :)

  2. Sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but these lyrics are wrong in the last verse… you weren’t even crying to the real song. It’s “And I’ll love you all your days~~ ’till the breath leaves your fragile frame” not delicate frame.

  3. Oh my god random pianist that just made me laugh so hard

  4. The random pianist trying to make sense of all this

    *sniffle* why am I crying? It’s not as bad as playing nocturne in Bb minor perfectly then realizing my phone didn’t record it….

  5. +5 is simple and it’s a beautiful rendition of the original song. Also, it works really well with people who have higher voices. This is one of my favorite songs and it’s just gorgeous on the ukelele.

  6. It is the first song I’ve learned to play on the ukulele and I still have to cry during playing it.
    I love it.

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