Intro -x2-: Gbsus2  A  E  D
Gbsus2                          A
Language is scary when over-analysed, 
E                           D
Every word that I say seems far too contrived. 
Gbsus2                             A
What are your intentions? I’m ashamed by mine. 
         E                      D
When I'm thinking too much I realise I'm unkind.
   Gbsus2                       A
Pretend that I’m nicer than I’ll ever be,
    E                          D
I'm selfish and deluded, enjoy my hypocrisy.
   Gbsus2                               A
Complain that I’m bored, when being bored is a privilege.
E                                  D
Act like I’m suffering, there’s no suffering in this.
Interlude: Gbsus2  A  E  D

Gbsus2                         A
First world problems, they breed in my head.
    E                             D
Ethical contradictions between my actions and what I’ve said.
         Gbsus2                       A
I should just shut my mouth as evidence piles against me,
         E                             D
that I’m so much worse than I think, exposed as a phoney.
Gbsus2         A
I am xxxx, I am xxxx
E                   D
nurr-nurr nurr-nurr xxxxing xxxx.
Gbsus2         A
I am xxxx, I am xxxx
E                    D    D
nurr-nurr nurr-nurr  nurr-nurr