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Intro: Ab

          Db                  Ab                         Eb
They were sitting, they were sitting in the strawberry swing
                        Db          Ab        Eb
And every moment was so precious
          Db                  Ab                         Eb
They were sitting, they were talking in the strawberry swing
                      Db           Ab
And everybody was for fighting
Wouldn't wanna waste a thing
           Db               Ab
Cold, cold water bring me 'round
       Eb                   - Fm -
Now my feet won't touch the ground

Cold, cold water
What you say?
     Cm                        Db
It's such, it's such a perfect day
    - Bbm -          Ab
It's such a perfect day
  Db                Ab                        Eb
I remember we were walking up to strawberry swing
                       Db        Ab
I can't wait until the morning
Wouldn't wanna change a thing
       Db               Ab
People moving all the time
         Eb               - Fm -
Inside a perfect straight line
          Db             Ab
Don't you wanna scurve away
      Cm                      Db
It's such it's such a perfect day
    - Ab -           Bbm
It's such a perfect day

    Bbm   Fm 
    Bbm   Db

        Ab            Cm
Now the sky could be blue
I don't mind
   Db                       Ab
Without you its a waste of time
            Cm           Ab7        Db                       Ab
...could be blue I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time
                 Cm             Ab7      Db                       Ab
The sky could be blue, could be gray without you I just slide away
                 Cm            Ab7       Db                        Ab
The sky could be blue, I don't mind, without you it's a waste of time

Outro -fading-: Ab  Cm  Ab7  Db
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  1. Gee whiz, and I thoghut this would be hard to find out.

  2. Figuring out the beginning intro riff

    If you’re a beginner, ignore the pull-offs (p’s) and just play the notes, and the rhythm will come to you.

    Also, it helps if you add fingers on when going from 5-7-10 or 0-2-5, rather than moving one finger or removing any, keeps things much more simpler.

  3. laytonmobile

    -1 is easiest: Am C Bm D Em G G7

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