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From the moment that I saw you
Yeah, it had to be love
Girl, I can't help but adore you
Knew you'd fit me like a glove
What a life we have in store
To spend together and stuff
You're a beauty; what a cutie
It's undoubtably -sic- love
                 A   E6  G  Dmaj7  A  E6  G  Dmaj7
It's undoubtably love

   A                          E6
My legs are going weak and my heart's beating fast
    G                                      Dmaj7
I'm knowing I should speak to her, but I'm not sure what to ask
  A                                   E6
I feel like my technique might not be up to the task
              G                                   Dmaj7
But she's the love that I do seek and, hey, she's got a nice ass

             Dm                                  A
And when she looks at me, I hope she'll feel the same
           Dm                                 F
Due to the hormone that's released inside her brain

    A  Db7  Gbm  B7  Dmaj7  E7  A
Dopamine,            do-o-o-o-o-pamine

         A           E6        D     F
It's a catecholamine neurotransmitter
      A                E6              D     F
Which means it sends a message in your brain
   A                 E6                     D             F
To tell you that you think that girl you're looking at is fitter
        A                   E6        D    F
To make offspring with than any other dame
             A                       E6
And when she looks at me, yes, I can feel it beating
      G                           Dmaj7
I can tell from the shortness of my breath
        A                       E6
That my body has reacted to our wandering eyes meeting
        G                            Dmaj7
And the hormone's comparable to meth

       Dm                                 A
But methamphetamine's a drug of which I'm clean
         Dm                        F
Though I can't say the same of dopamine

    A  Db7  Gbm  B7  Dmaj7  E7  A
Dopamine,            do-o-o-o-o-pamine

    A                               E6
But dopamine's just one half of the tale
    G                             Dmaj7
The chemical that gets you in the mood
         A                                 E6
There's another guy that you'll need to prevail
       G                               D   F
If you want to see your partner in the nude

G                           F
Dopamine is useless without norepinephrine
G                          F
Focusing your efforts on one girl
G                                    F
Telling you that she's the one who's making your head spin
G                            F
If this were an oyster, then she'd be the pearl

         A                       E6  G                      Dmaj7
And so I lock eyes with this girl,   ready for our love to unfurl
A              E6                        G                        F
I just want to curl up to her, but she's looking at me like she's ready to hurl
  Dm                                   A
I guess this lady doesn't feel the same
  Dm                                A
I thought there was a spark, but it didn't light the flame
    Dm                               A
But I still have the urge to ask her name
               Dm                           F
But that's not me, that's the hormone in my brain

    A  E6  D  F  A  E6  D  F  A  E6  D  F  A  E6  D  F
Dopamine,      dopamine,    dopamine,    dopamine
                A  E6  D   F   A   E6   D  F
And don't forget norepinephrine, norepinephrine
A  E6     D     F      A  E6   D  F    A  E6 Gbm  B7    Dmaj7 E7  A
Dopamine's best friend, norepinephrine, norepinephrine, norepinephrine

         A                              E6
From the moment that I saw her, yeah, I knew it was love
         G                                 Dmaj7
Couldn't help but adore her; thought she'd fit me like a glove
       A                                       E6
But it turned out that my thoughts were just impulses not enough
            G                                Dmaj7
To get this beauty's pretty booty; it's just chemical love
It's just chemical love
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  1. You’ve just had the almost imponderable joy of watching Charlieissocoollike which makes you like cool

  2. Take it down two steps and change the Eb to a D – but sounded great otherwise!!

  3. EmJayJacko

    Definitely use E instead of F, otherwise—fantastic job!! Thank you!

  4. Instead of the f’s I place E’s there. It sounds way better

  5. EmJayJacko

    It sounds better (and is easier to play) transposed 2 half steps down.

  6. Great chords but all the Fs seem to sound a little off, any alternatives?

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