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    Dbm	                          Ab
Her name was Flora Spread and she lived on Hovis Hill
A	                        D	      Ab
Overlooking Baker Town from the window of her flour mill
    Dbm	                                 Ab
The bright lights of the city fueled her longing to create
	 A	                         D	          Ab
With the innovative bakers with whom she knew she could relate

    Dbm	               Ab	      A	                D  Ab
She saw the cakes they cooked and the muffins that they made
	Dbm	        Ab	           A	               D  Ab
But she kept on beating her bread, all the while feeling betrayed
         Dbm                Ab	         A	          D  Ab		
That her mother left her in this mess of yeast, flour and dough
    Dbm	            Ab	            A	                 Ab	Dbm  B  Gb
She must taste inspiration and stop chewing the bread of woe
     Dbm	 B  Gb

Dbm	                 B
Down in baker town lived Victoria Sponge
    Gb	                                  Ab
But her cakes just weren't selling so she knew that it was time to take
    Dbm	                   B
A plunge into the new, and see things from a brand new view
     B	                      Ab
"And yes young Miss Flora I am talking to you

	Dbm	         Ab	           A	           D  Ab
Won't you come down that hill of yours and work here in my shop?
    Dbm	           Ab	        A	 D  Ab
You might have to bake until the ovens pop!
      Dbm	  Ab	    A    D  Ab
But I need your creative eye
Dbm	Ab	   A	      Ab
With my wisdom and your innovation
  Dbm	        Ab	 A	         Ab    Dbm  B  Gb	
Together we can bake the Perfect Success Pie
           Dbm  B  Gb
Success Pie
	Dbm  B  Gb	Ab
Success Pie-ie-iee"
A      Ab
 Bread! BREAD!

Dbm   Ab   A   D Ab
Dbm   Ab   A   Ab

	   Dbm	                  Ab
After just one week in that shop, Flora's business was booming
    A	                        D	     Ab
Her creativity blooming and her customers consuming
     Dbm	                    Ab
But looming, on the horizon, lay a rising problem
A	                             D	           Ab
People couldn't stop eating, and there was nothing that could stop them

Dbm	        Ab	  A	            D  Ab
What was once a people of pretty balanced diets
Dbm	         Ab	         A	    D	    Ab
Baker Town without its bread was revolution without riots
Dbm	         Ab	            A	            D  Ab
Flora closed her shop down, but she knew it was too late
    Dbm	            Ab	       A	           Ab	  Dbm  B  Gb
And soon enough the population of the town was overweight
	Dbm  B  Gb
    Dbm	B	Gb	Ab  A  Ab
A      Ab
 Bread! BREAD!

    Dbm   Ab   A   D Ab
    Dbm   Ab   A   B

      Db	    Gbm	         Db	Gbm	         Db
And so, the very next day Flora went back to her mill 
    Gbm	               Db     Gbm  B
And opened up her bread shop
        Db	  Gbm	        Db	     Gbm	           Db
But it seemed, to Flora's dismay that no one wanted her bread
    Gbm	            Db	         Gbm	B
And she was left alone up on the hilltop

Gb   A	      B
 Victoria Sponge kept on baking
Gb     A	          Ab	     G
 With recipes she stole from Flora's notes
Gb    A	        B
 And Flora's heart kept breaking
Gb	 A	        Ab	        G	    Gb
 As the cakes continued rising, and the bread became toast...
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  1. notjustblonde

    The chord above “and yes young miss flora” sounds better if you use the same one as above “but her cakes just weren’t selling” x

  2. thatgirlfromtheinternet

    I think 1 up sounds good and its easy to play

  3. Circus.platypus

    I really love this song transposed 4 points down, but the Eb chord near the end seems off… any suggestions for a replacement?

  4. myunicornmeows

    thank you so much i love this song!!

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