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C                 G          Eb                F
It starts with an idea or an impulse to make a sound,
           C                 G                   Eb               F
And then a message gets sent to my head where my vocal chords are found.

       Bb                     F              C 
And they vibrate, and cause the air to vibrate too.
         Bb                     F                    G 
Then the air gets shot out of my mouth on its way to you!

C              G              Eb           F
This vibration I've just made travels as a wave,
       C          G                         Eb                F
But if I vibrated differently then it would cause the wave to change.

          Bb           F                     C 
If I sing low then the frequency of the wave drops.
          Bb            F
If I sing high then the frequency is high too.
And if I sing loud then my micro-phone pops!

    C                  G               Eb               F
The sound wave travels through the air unless it hits a wall
         C              G                       Eb                F
Then the higher frequencies get absorbed and the deeper ones pass through

               Bb                F                   C 
And that's why when I'm behind a window I sound like this.
           Bb              F                                       G 
And if the wall is hard the sound bounces back and you can hear an echo!

             C              G               Eb              F
The sound is captured by my micro-phone and sorted digitally,
           C                 G                  Eb                    F
That was until you play this video and now your speakers are mimicking me

            Bb                  F               C 
And now the waves are back and going into your ear.
            Bb                                       G 
Only 6 more steps inside your head until you get to hear!

C        G          Bb
Sound is touch at a distance,
F                  C         G              Bb         F
When they say that music can touch you, it literally does.

C        G        Bb
Sound is a vi-ber-ation,
    F                C       G                    Bb
But thanks to modern science we can know that it's shaking our eardrums:

And the drum then shakes some tiny bones
And the bones send vibrations to a liquid
And the waves in the liquid bend some hairs
And the hairs send a signal to the brain
Bb                                            C                 G 
And it's only when it forms a pattern in your head that you can hear!

Outro: C   G  Bb  F  C 
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  1. April Cave

    I seriously love whoever thought to request this! <3

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