Intro -x2-: B Fm Gm E

Verse 1:
 B       Fm         Gm     E
Paralyzed, it's contagious
 B           Fm           Gm       E
You got the world hangin' on your lips
  E      B      Cm     Gm
Life's gentle, painless
 B      Fm         E
An automatic prerogative
   B         Fm     Gm     E
Hypnotized, it's voracious
B         Fm             Gm     E
I try to grasp at your golden glare
          E    B    Cm  Gm
Life's fragile, patient
  B       Fm         E
Broken glass flyin' through the air

Interlude -x2-: B Fm Gm E

Verse 2:
   B      Fm      Gm     E
Humanize your equation
 B          Fm        Gm      E
I'd like to be your remedy
    E   B    Gm
Swallow, slowly
B             Fm         Gm       E
I feel your heartbeat in everything
  B      Fm      Gm          E
Visualize at the station
  B         Fm          Gm       E
I took the train to the great escape
     E       B      Cm     Gm
Of New York, subway system
 B            Fm          E
I carve the car seat with both our names

Interlude -x2-: B Fm Gm E

My heart is tipping over
 B                  Cm
Pouring out when you say
 B      Fm        E
Gravity couldn't sway
  B       Fm       Cm
Any placе is the place I'll be
Whеn you're far away

Outro -x4-: B Fm Gm E